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How to Integrate Facebook API in Unity 3D
 Iulian Tudosa - ASSIST Software
Iulian Tudosa
Hi, my name is Tudosa Iulian and I’m a Game Developer at ASSIST Software. In this awesome article, I will show you how to:   1) Integrate the Facebook ...
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Integrating MSSQL server with Django 2.0.7 and Python 3.6.5 using Ubuntu 18 as a local environment
ASSIST Software - Andrei Roman-2
Andrei - Alexandru Roman
Recently, I received the task to run an application locally using the Django framework (the version used at that time was version 2.0.7) in combination ...
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How to send information between C++ applications
Alexandru Patraucean - ASSIST Software
Alexandru Pătrăucean
In this snippet, I am going to present you a solution on how to send information between C++ windows applications.
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