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Your career needs a lift?

What are the questions about your software development career that you can't answer? Do you need a bit of support so you can find your direction?

Our specialists can help you. Be a part of our community and grow alongside us until you reach your full potential.

What can ASSIST Academy do for you?

Be the creator of your own path. Check out our programs and pick
the one most helpful for you.

Individual internship

Flexible Internship Program

Test yourself and find out what you need to improve in order to work in software engineering! We want to see you shine to your full potential!

Individual internship

High School Program

First steps are important. We can offer you useful learning resources while you’re in high school. Tell us what you want to do. Learn, practice, and succeed!

Individual internship

Tech Cafe

Join other tech enthusiasts once a month and enjoy a talk about the latest technology trends! Tech Cafe is the perfect place to unwind and learn. Find out more about the topics discussed by following our social media.

They’ve been here

Perks and Benefits

We have fun, whether we're playing ping-pong, testing futuristic gadgets
or just enjoying a presentation about Scala.

Rapid Career Advancement

Great balance for working and learning skills.

Job Opportunities

Students with the best results will receive a job proposition.


Learn from the experts: Be inspired by people who innovate and take risks to achieve unconventional outcomes, people who are not afraid of failure.

Internship Projects

Work on actual projects and try your skills on meaningful products.

Free Lunch

Lunch is offered by the company.

Game room

Enjoy video games, table tenis, darts, the massage chair and fitness equipment.

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Frequently asked questions

At the ASSIST office in Suceava.

A passion for programming, personal projects, teamwork skills are ideal.

If you haven't graduated highschool yet, you can get our free resources and and prepare so you have the most chances to be selected for an internship after you graduate.

The evaluation can take place both online and on site.

For group internships it's probable that you will not, but for individual internships you usually do use the technology you chose initially.

For individual internships the projects vary from person to person, but they are always learning projects. For group internships we pick different projects year by year.