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ASSIST Software has the offshore AI developers you require to prepare your project or company for the future. Based in Romania, we have 30 years experience in working with international clients. Our team of 350+ software developers includes an Innovation Hub dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine-learning. Contact us and we'll tell you how AI can benefit your business.

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How can our AI specialists support your growth?

Data Science

Know your real analytics through the work of data science masters.

Natural Language Processing

With the right NLP tools we support your AI's understaning of the human language.

Computer Vision

Extend machine learning to computer vision and expand to visual information.

Recommender Systems

Predict data based on past behaviors, aiming to optimize user engagement and satisfaction.

Reinforcement Learning

Use deep reinforcement learning algorithms for multi-agent training.

Neural networks

Experience pattern recognition solutions made easy with neural networks.

Businesses just like yours.
AI Case Studies

Document classification and Risk Analysis

Implemented ETL pipelines for processing large amount of financial documents using NLP + OCR for stamp, signature detection. Trained DaVinci on private datasets to provide insights on investment opportunities.

  • Finance/ Investment

    Document classification and Risk Analysis

    Implemented ETL pipelines for processing large amount of financial documents using NLP + OCR for stamp, signature detection. Trained DaVinci on private datasets to provide insights on investment opportunities.

  • Medical/ Healthcare

    IBM Watson used for Quality Control

    Computer vision algorithm trained on private dataset of pictures of injections used to validate patient adherence to the medication. Predict patient state in healthcare using AI and data fusion from diverse IoT sensors.

  • Security

    Deep Learning and NLP used to detect early radicalization

    Consortium coordinator and technical partner in building a comprehensive solution that detects and prevents radicalization across multiple web sources, in EU and Arabic languages.

  • Emergency services

    Autonomous drone swarms for tactical support

    EU research project to develop synthetic 3D dynamic environment in Unreal 5 to generate training data for the Deep Learning Model governing the drone swarm used for tactical support by emergency services.

  • Business software

    Process Discovery, Process Intelligence, Task automation

    Building ETL pipelines using Snowflake and AWS to Collect large user Device Activity Data as events and screenshots. Processing the data and store it in Snowflake and Amazon Data Lake.

Who recommends working with us?

“ASSIST Software was instrumental in building an end-to-end prototype for our product. They delivered the project in an incredibly tight timeline, and were very graceful to accommodate for changes and new feature requests in the middle of the engagement.”

Julia Turc
Co-Founder Storia AI, New York

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Cross industry potential

Industry domains where ASSIST applied AI technologies:

What are the secrets to success of top AI/ML development companies?

The AI/ML engineers at ASSIST Software are always up to date with the latest digital technologies, including machine learning flows and tools


Data Management

ETL processes and Data Engineering techniques to ensure reliable, high-quality data for


Model training and Evaluation

Iterative process that involves experimenting, optimizing, and testing models to learn patterns from data and make predictions or decisions


Model Deployment

MLOps pipelines that automate the deployment and management of models at scale in production environments.


Tools and Frameworks

Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, MLOps tools, Haddop, Spark, Tableau, Triton Interference Server, IBM Watson

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Frequently Asked Questions

AI/ML can provide several benefits to business projects, such as automating repetitive tasks, improving decision-making through data analysis, enhancing customer experience, optimizing processes, and enabling predictive analytics.

Assess your project's requirements and objectives. If you have large datasets, complex patterns, or tasks that could be automated or optimized using data analysis, AI/ML is beneficial. Consulting with ASSIST Software AI experts can help evaluate your project needs and create an action plan.

While having a dedicated team of AI specialists can be advantageous, it is only sometimes necessary. Depending on the project's scope and complexity, you may opt to combine in-house talent and external consultants or leverage AI/ML tools and platforms requiring minimal expertise.

The timeline for implementing AI/ML varies depending on project complexity, available resources, data readiness, specific goals, and your chosen AI/ ML development company. It can range from several weeks for simpler projects to months or even years for very complex initiatives.

ASSIST Software's team primarily works from Northern Romania, in Suceava. However, a large portion of its business is conducted with international clients. Therefore, teams are used to adjusting to different time zones and languages.

Yes, ASSIST Software has certifications that you can view here. Also, our departments are constantly working to develop their knowledge.