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We prize our employees and their unique life stories. We truly believe that the success key is learning from others’ life experiences. Play & discover ASSIST Software team!

  1. Meet the team - Ep. 13 | Rolul unui Web Developer | Interviu Ionuț Mîndrescu | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 12 | Carieră Software Developement | Interviu Adrian Popovici | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 11 | Rolul unui 2D Artist | Interviu Andrei Barbă | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 10 | Despre stagiile de internship de la ASSIST Software | Ionela Lungu - HR
    Meet the team - Ep. 9 | Rolul unui Graphic Designer | Interviu cu Remus Baltariu | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 8 | Interviu cu Alexandru Boca - Head of Mobile Development | ASSIST Software
  2. Meet the team - Ep. 7 | Rolul unui Game Developer | Interviu Gabriel Tironeac | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 6 | Interviu cu Alexandru Tornea - Front-End Developer | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 5 | Rolul unui Head of Ruby Development| Interviu Petru Cioată | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 4 | iOS Developer - Sfaturi pentru începători | Andrei Traciu | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep. 3 | Rolul unui Tester (QA Engineer) | Interviu Nicoleta Cajvan | ASSIST Software
    Meet the team - Ep.2 | Rolul unui Senior C++ Developer | Interviu Alexandru Nistor | ASSIST Software
  3. Meet the team - Ep.1 | Interviu cu Marian Pînzariu - Head of C++ Development | ASSIST Software
    Women in Tech Romania| Celebrating International Women's Day at ASSIST Software | 8th March
    Looking back on 2020 - ASSIST Software's Best Moments | 2020 Year in Review
    ASSIST Software - 29 de ani de software engineering în România
    ASSIST Software - Rewind 2021
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Tech Events | ASSIST Software Romania

College students are a continuous source of creativity, energy, and innovation. That’s why, it is a pleasure for us to be a part of their lives and provide quality information, internships, and events. Watch more about our activities!

  1. Aftermovie: Open Doors ASSIST 2020 Online Edition
    Ce spun studenții despre programul de internship de vară de la ASSIST Software
    Q&A: ASSIST Internships. Întrebări frecvente despre internship-urile de programare pentru studenți
    Internship programare Suceava | ASSIST Software | Impresiile participanților din 2019
    Cursanții proiectului ”Get Digital!” în vizită la ASSIST Software
    ASSIST Software la Codecamp Chișinău 2019 | Aftermovie
  2. Open Doors ASSIST 2019 – Short Aftermovie
    Experiencing ASSIST Software Culture | Impressions from our guests
    Our experience at Codecamp Suceava 2018 | Aftermovie | ASSIST Software
    The Internship Experience at ASSIST Software | Summer Internship Program Suceava 2018 | Interviews
    Vezi cum a fost la Codecamp Chișinău 2018! ASSIST Software - Aftermovie
    Open Doors ASSIST - Școala Altfel - Colegiul Național ”Petru Rareș” Suceava | Aftermovie
  3. Happy people of ASSIST Software Romania | Open Doors ASSIST 2018 - photo slideshow
    Open Doors ASSIST 2018 – Short Aftermovie
    #3 Motive să vii la Open Doors ASSIST 2018
    Open Doors ASSIST 2018 - video invitation
    Event teaser - Get ready to Code Your Dreams! | ASSIST Software Romania
    ASSIST Open Doors 2017 | Official Aftermovie
  4. Open Doors 2016 | ASSIST Software Romania | Presentation at Suceava University, USv
    Open Doors ASSIST Software Romania 2017
    Open Doors ASSIST 2020: Ai 100 de motive să participi la prima ediție online!
    Ce te așteaptă în prima zi a evenimentului Open Doors ASSIST 2020 (ediție online)
    Află ce ți-am pregătit în Ziua Carierei de la Open Doors ASSIST 2020 (ediție online)
    Ce trebuie să știi dacă vrei să devii UI/UX Designer | Interviu | ASSIST Open Doors 2020 Highlights

Our passions | ASSIST Software Romania

ASSIST is about spending quality time together, and making great memories while keep doing what we are good at – building great software. Discover our passions!

  1. Bucovina Ultra Rocks 2020 trail running competition | #Aftermovie by ASSIST Software
    ASSIST Software supports the Bucovina Ultra Rocks 2020 trail running competition
    Hawaiian Christmas Party | ASSIST Software | Aftermovie (2019)
    Aftermovie Maratonul Cetății Suceava 2019 | ASSIST Software
    Invitație la Maratonul Cetății Suceava 2019 | ASSIST Software
    ASSIST Hiking Day | Cariera de Sulf din Munții Călimani - Vârful Pietrosul Călimanilor
  2. Campanie de împădurire la Moldovița | ASSIST Software
    Povestea cățeilor din adăpostul “Casa lui Patrocle” | ASSIST Software
    ASSIST Software accepted the #trashtag challenge | See how it was!
    Best Innovative Minds 2018 Competition | Aftermovie | ASSIST Software
    Ziua României văzută prin ochii noștri | ASSIST Software
    ASSIST Hiking Day | Muntii Rodnei - Lala Mare - Lala Mica
  3. Eveniment Caritabil pentru copiii cu autism din Suceava | ASSIST Biking Club
    Official Aftermovie - MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018
    Video Invitation at MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018 | Mountain bike Bucovina
    Green Days 2018 - ASSIST Software - Photo Slideshow Acțiune de împădurire
    MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018 - Official Promo
    Campanie de împădurire cu voluntarii ASSIST Software la Ocolul Silvic Pătrăuți (Romsilva) Suceava
  4. MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2017 - Official Aftermovie
    Teaser video - MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST Software Romania 2017
    ASSIST Software Romania | Biking Club
    ASSIST Biking Club Rarau
    ASSIST Biking Club | Moinesti Contest 2016
    ASSIST Biking Club at Rarau Radical Race 2016
  5. Best moments of 2018 | ASSIST Software | 2018 Year in review