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Mobile Apps & Games

Innovative solutions for cross-platform mobile apps

Less than ten years ago, a mobile phone was used for one main purpose: to make phone calls on the go. The Smartphone revolutionized the way in which we communicate and live our lives. Nowadays, the calling function of smartphones is just one of many features that these devices have to offer. These days, it’s all about the apps.

Our integrated team of specialists provides strategy, architecture, design, security, and development for cutting edge mobile applications. From standalone apps & games to online social networks, we deliver high-quality products. We offer a broad range of services for mobile application development on leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Example of mobile applications developed by ASSIST Software's team

Web Applications

For small & medium scale projects

Here at ASSIST, we provide various types of custom web solutions including design and development services for both web apps and websites, search engine ranking services, content management, e-commerce platforms, website analytics, domain registrations and web services. Our talented designers and savvy programmers have a great sense of style and a thorough understanding of web standards. Together, they created amazing web experiences for countless clients.

Example of web applications developed by ASSIST Software's team

Database Systems

Integrated databases / global infrastructure

Modern businesses rely on database systems to store information and make it accessible to the right people throughout the organization. Assist have many years of experience designing these systems for different companies across the world. We provide the following types of custom database systems: analytical databases, data warehouse databases, end-user databases, hypermedia databases and navigational databases.

Example of image representing database systems

Cloud Business Platform

Cloud technology = competitive edge

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way in which businesses operate today. Companies have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies without having to deal with the overwhelming upfront investment and training involved, nor the maintenance and support.


Instead, they can save money and reallocate it in order to use it where it’s truly needed. That’s why cloud-based business platform gives businesses a remarkable competitive advantage and superb efficiency.


There are significant advantages that cloud computing brings to your business:

  • Great Scalability - you can scale anytime your business storage and computing power according to your specific needs;
  • Easy going provisioning and deployment - cloud computing facilitates in a significant manner setting-up, deploying and running of your applications;
  • Improve Flexibility – users have the ability to access data and applications anytime, anywhere, by simply using a browser or a mobile app;
  • Cost-effective solution - cloud computing reduces spending on technology infrastructure, has the advantages of predictability of the costs and business development planning, offers an accurate model for the company’s resources management, including cash flow management. Minimize the licensing of new software.
Screenshots of Cloud Applications developed by ASSIST Software's team

On Demand Scalability

Whenever you want, you can scale your business storage and computing power according to your needs.

Easy Provisioning and Deployment

Cloud computing significantly facilitates set-up and deployment of your apps.

Improve Flexibility

Users have the ability to access data and apps anytime, anywhere, by simply using a browser or a mobile app.

Cost effective

Reduces costs involved with technology infrastructure and offers high predictability of future expenses.

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