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Custom Software Engineering

Our expertise in custom software engineering allows us to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and goals. Our top software engineers will collaborate with you to develop a personalized software solution. The software will be efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. Let us turn your ideas into reality. Trust us to deliver high-quality software to help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business objectives.

Software Development Services

We transform your ideas into robust, scalable software solutions using agile methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.

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Digital Product Strategy

We craft data-driven digital product strategies that unlock growth, focusing on user needs and maximizing market impact.

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Cloud & Backend Engineering

Experienced in building complex, scalable, secure cloud & hybrid architectures using Kubernetes, proven to support millions of MAUs.

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AI/ML & Data Engineering

We leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to develop intelligent applications that solve complex problems and unlock insights.

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From product design to development & completion. We guarantee exceptional products.

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Research & Development


Fighting against radicalisation alongside European and US Security agencies by employing top NLP techniques and machine learning.
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Sports Tech


How we helped the world’s leading provider of GPS trackers for the sport industry take their services to the next level.
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Industry 4.0


Saving lives with the help of complex applications & state of the art tech stacks. Find out how.
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ASSIST Product
Game Development

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Our entirely in-house and free adventure mobile RPG game using Unity 3D, without ads or microtransactions.
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English Attack

How we merged education and entertainment by creating an English learning platform for the digital generation with over 1 million users.
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Green Tech


Read about a market-leading products that empowers architects and designers with insight on energy saving and building performance.
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+40-230-521100 EU

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1 Tipografiei Street 720043, Suceava, Romania

Our innovation journey & achievements

In 1992, two Romanian engineers with a solid background in nuclear physics founded ASSIST Software with a strong passion for technology and a user-centric approach. The company set out to provide software solutions that made a difference. Today, ASSIST Software is a popular software development company that creates custom products and services for clients worldwide.

Years of experience

ASSIST Software's longevity is due to our immediate understanding and absorption of technology trends. Over the years, we've helped clients bring their businesses up to date and above their competitors.

Returning clients

We create close bonds with our clients because we genuinely care about their business success. Our software solutions are always reliable due to our results-driven software development practices.

Successful projects

Through research & development, product design, and the exemplary use of the Agile methodology, we completed projects in industries such as healthcare, finance, gaming, security, and e-commerce.

Countries of our clients

Our flexibility and the fact that our headquarters is located in a +2 GMT time zone allow us to adjust and work with businesses on every continent, especially in America and Europe.

Highlighted Partner Countries

A strong Research and Development department for your project!

We know the metrics of innovation. We have established long-term partnerships with 160+ European research companies, universities and research centers and have participated as a technical partner in over 25 EU-funded projects.

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