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Mobile Apps & Games

Less then ten years ago, a mobile phone was used solely for one purpose: making phone calls on the go. The Smartphone changed it all. Nowadays, the phone part of smartphones has quickly become the least interesting feature of these devices. It’s all about the apps. 

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Example of mobile applications developed by ASSIST Software's team

Web Applications

From visual design to programming, everything really is about the experience – and creating the best experience requires the best team.

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Example of web applications developed by ASSIST Software's team

Database Systems

Modern businesses rely on database systems to store information and make it accessible to the right people throughout the organization.

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Example of image representing database systems

Cloud Business Platform

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way businesses operate today. Companies have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies without dealing with the overwhelming upfront investment and training involved nor the maintenance and support.

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Screenshots of Cloud Applications developed by ASSIST Software's team


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Recent Projects

Our greatest asset is our employee's expertise. Day after day our specialists are working on innovative solutions for our clients. We love mastering customized software solutions with very much respect for the clients' needs.

English Attack!
English Attack!

English Attack! is the first English-language learning service specifically designed for the digital generation.

SOGEM Stair Configurator
SOGEM Stair Configurator

SOGEM is a multi platform application developed by ASSIST Software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and compatible web browsers using WebGL technology. 


MWTM is a web platform that contains  audio/video material with the most important DJ’s from the music industry. 



COMEET+ is promoting an holistic approach to entrepreneurship education based on the idea that community actors (parents, teachers, youth educators, people working in associations active at community level) have a responsibility... is a web application created to display dynamic, context-aware and timeline-based news showing what is happening in the world right now in an easy-to-use & intuitive interface.

Director Application Development

I worked with ASSIST on a virtual shopping environment project for market research. The objective of the project was to build a virtual supermarket environment with photo realistic products on-shelf that the shopper could manipulate in real-time. ASSIST used the Unity 3D engine as well as a robust database back-end and digital asset management to inventory and archive the digital product images.


I have recommended ASSIST Software to several CEO’s in the United States, and I continue to be thoroughly impressed with ASSIST’s skill and competency in front and back-end web development.

VP of Marketing

ASSIST has been a highly-valued partner of Sefaira for more than a year. The team developed our corporate website and is also working with us on creating a support infrastructure for our customers. Working with ASSIST Team is a pleasure - they make working remotely very easy for us and it is almost like having them here in the office.


ASSIST built our webpage in a way that perfectly represents us. It is truly user-friendly while being visually appealing. We are glad we can easily manage the content in a fast and efficient way, even though we are not IT specialists. We thank the ASSIST team for professionalism and promptitude and for their ability to adapt to our work methodology.

Section Manager
TWI Cambridge

During the progress of the EU project PIGWaves, ASSIST Team provided valuable information and recommandation for the good progress of the project. Good synergie and high level of collaboration and support arise. The best culture for management and collaboration was provided by ASSIST. Keep up the good work.

Managing Director
PSI Romania / Love Plus

ASSIST worked for me to develop a facebook game. They delivered a world class product working under time and budget pressure. Thank you ASSIST for professionalism and high level software development!

Software Arhitect

ASSIST  have done a great job for us in Firmwave and they are really a very experienced software design company covering everything from UI to Cloud backend to data storage to data visualisation and beyond.

Managing Consultant
Long Consulting

I have always found the seeking expertise and I like the Assist team. The people who work here are characterized by professionalism, passion for excellence and innovation capacity.


 ASSIST Team provide a reliable team of experts. The involvement of the team is huge and constant. The operational execution is well organized by confirmed developers and managers. The development methodology is flexible to allow every actors involved in the project to deliver the best at the right moment.

VP Business Development at Shimmer Research
Realtime Technologies

We worked with ASSIST Software in the redevelopment of our Website – with a focus on our Online Store, Security, and SEO functionality. The communication, support and quality of work ASSIST provided throughout the project was second to none. At every stage constant feedback was given, with any issues highlighted and solved even before they arose. ASSIST were aware of the business goals we had for the project, and worked with us to achieve those goals.

PR Executive

The team is ready to react in all circumstances and goes above and beyond the line of duty by providing useful insight into how we can easily finish and successfully deliver a project.


If you’re looking for a trusted partner to develop your product look no more. Always available, always organized and always on top of it, ASSIST did a great job in developing loopme. Our system is compromised from four different elements that need to be in complete sync. ASSIST thoroughly made sure it’s always the case. They didn’t save any effort during the process and were always fully dedicated, attentive and resourceful. And maybe most importantly, they are nice people.

Chairman and CTO

Our collaboration with ASSIST Software has been a true partnership from the very beginning. Since we first contracted with them, they have shown incredible speed in implementation, a thorough knowledge of our products, superior project management skills, and excellent customer service. I highly recommend their services.

UBS DC Site Manager

I worked together for many years with ASSIST and during entire collaboration, they proved to be very professionals, delivering on time and within the initial budget

Senior Account Manager
Power Net Consulting

ASSIST team is a great development partner who is creative enough to find simple and efficient solutions for any kind of problems.

Computer Science Graduate
University of Bristol

ASSIST is a great place to work at. It is the kind of company that harmoniously blends a light-hearted work environment with great professional competency. It succeeds in doing so by trusting its employees, appreciating and valuing them above all.

Child Life International

I would like to express my appreciation to ASSIST for their exceptional work on developing our website. It is truly a pleasure working with ASSIST Software Development Team. Everything we wanted has been achieved in a very professional and fast manner. I would highly recommend this company.

Chief Technology Officer

TerraNova Financial Group is a specialized financial services firm focused on supporting trading professionals with active trading, prime brokerage and clearing services. Professional traders, hedge funds and money managers come to Terra Nova because our value is unmatched in the marketplace. In 2009 our technology has to be adapted to comply with the new rules issued by the US Option Clearing Corporation – also known as the Option Symbology Initiative.

CO-founder Entertainment Learning

This is to attest that for nearly a year now we have had a close relationship with ASSIST Software SRL, based in Suceava, Romania, for a range of product and service development issues related to our edutainment web service, English Attack!.

American Entrepreneur

It was a pleasure working with ASSIST Software through development of many company websites they have developed for me. ASSIST Software consistently has met and exceeded my expectations in their professionalism and the quality of their deliverables. They were very clear on my requirements and objectives from the outset, and built up the websites through a series of well-managed iterative refinements.

Health XL

We worked with ASSIST on the redevelopment of our website, as well as our online platform. As a startup, we're constantly adapting our platform as we learn more about our customers needs. The speed of development and the deep understanding of our goals the ASSIST team have makes implementing these insights onto our platform a  smooth process.

Senior Researcher and Team Leader

I am happy to provide a reference for ASSIST SOFTWARE SRL, a romanian software development company we have worked with since 2010 as members of the FP7 PR2.0 project consortium. I have interacted with GEORGE DAVID and other ASSIST staff members for almost one year and find them to be agreable partners who take care of their responsibilities in the project with integrity and skill.

Senior IT Advisor, Senior Expert Service

With great pleasure and deep confidence I may provide a strong recommendation for ASSIST Software SRL and their professional team for software development projects.
As a senior consultant and software development project manager at IBM for many years I was asked (among other topics) for consultancy and recommendations in managing their software development processes.


I recommend ASSIST Software SRL as one of the most competent and flexible IT solutions providers we have cooperate within the last two decades. I had the pleasure of working directly with many of the IT experts and software developers of ASSIST Software, particularly in the last five years and their creativity and abilities were highly useful to help us modernize our educational process.

Founder and Managing Director

After collaboration that started nine years ago, we know now about their ability to implement applications. ASSIST Software always understood firmly the requirements and were able to implement the applications. The quality of project management and implementation of the systems were excellent. The services they provided were at anytime professional, the results have always been in time. We can strongly recommend working with ASSIST Software.

Brand manager
Love +, PSI

We have found at ASSIST Software a young and ambitious team, which has dedicated their energy and proficiency to bring live a unique project for the Romanian market: Love Factory powered by Love Plus. Although a social game of such extent and complexity has been a challenge for both teams in Bucharest and Suceava, we have greatly appreciated their willingness to learn and bring to fruition an novel and valuable concept.

Regional Director

I´ve collaborated with ASSIST in an EU FP7 funded research project and I am writing to both endorse and recommend ASSIST as a partner for such projects.
The best measure of success for me is the feedback from the partners of the project where we participate - my colleagues have been laudatory in their comments and have achieved the overall objective with the excellent support of ASSIST.

Consultant, Business Development, New Technologies

I am writing to express my most confident recommendation of ASSIST Software as participants in collaborative European research projects.
My organization, Ateknea, has collaborated with ASSIST in European FP7 research project PR 2.0. As Coordinator for the project, Ateknea selected ASSIST based on their broad experience in software development and complex technical solutions.

General Manager

Partnership with ASSIST has lasted since a year and a half, time in which we have worked together to several projects of e-commerce portals. The communication with ASSIST Team was very good, taking in count the distance between us. ASSIST Team has always made available intermediary results, to closely watch the project's evolution. We are very pleased of our partner's results.

General Manager

ASSIST Software represents our IT partner from few years. In all this time, ASSIST Team has designed and improved Accountant application, setting up and maintaining in the same time our communication system. We are very satisfied of our collaboration. They have offered us efficient solutions for our business using Accountant. Implementing a well adapted system communication for our organization requirements, they have proved a lot of flexibility to our wishes.

General Manager

My collaboration with ASSIST has begun in the last two years, at the time when I was looking for a team of programmers to implement a project for document management, which we have conceived. ASSIST Team has understood the exact meaning of what I was expected from this project, the communication being excellent. Our cooperation product is Q-Manager, now already at version 2.0.

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