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Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a free offline adventure RPG, developed entirely in-house by ASSIST Software, using the Unity Engine. It’s available both on Android and iOS and it was designed around 3 gameplay pillars: 
  • Action-oriented combat and beat’em up sections 
  • A supply and demand trade system 
  • A highly customizable player ship

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The game is set in a fictional tropical world and there are 20+ towns for you to discover, each with its own history.

Inventory, crafting, and light RPG mechanics were also implemented as an integral part of the experience. The Android version uses Google Play Services for login and 40+ achievements.
Players have to take good care of their ships so that they can travel the seas and withstand hazardous weather and raids. They can recruit crew, upgrade and customize their ship, and increase its cargo capacity to maximize their trading profits. 

The enemies you find in this mobile adventure game have two major factions: pirates and colonists. Enemy type influences behavior and fighting style. Also, enemy bosses are armored, so players need to break armor pieces with combo attacks.
Trade is the most efficient and rewarding way of obtaining gold. Each of the 20+ towns have their own economy that produces or consumes certain goods and they follow the supply and demand logic. There are 10 goods that can be traded and all you need to do is buy low and sell high.
This is a tribute to times when games were single-player focused and did not feature shady micro-transactions systems. It draws inspiration from classics like the Port Royale series and lots of other side-scrolling titles.

Elly and the Ruby Atlas is designed to be a challenging game that combines exploration, strategy, and combat. You play as the captain of a sailing ship from an age long gone. Trade, fight, sail, and discover a world that was created with love and long hours of hard work.


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Download and Play NOW


  • Supply and demand trade system
  • Inventory and crafting systems
  • Travel and encounters stat-checks
  • Full ship customization and upgrade
  • Reflex based combat with gesture combos
  • Unique story missions
  • 40+ achievements
  • Completely free with NO in-game purchases
  • No in-game ADS
  • Can be played offline
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