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Explore your abilities with the ASSIST Academy Internship

Is the ASSIST Academy Internship the best for you?

As a part of the ASSIST Software team, we will help you grow and learn. You will work alongside us in our most important projects.

A mentor will stand beside you to coordinate and advise you as you progress.
We believe in you!

Internship types

Individual internship

Group internship

The perfect way to start a career for those who want to experience a summer internship.

  • 2 weeks
  • team assignments
  • a group of mentors aids the team
  • develops team spirit
  • counts as faculty credits
  • can end with an employment offer at ASSIST Software
Individual internship

Individual internship

You like challenging yourself and you have a unique learning pattern? This might be the best choice for you.

  • lasts between 1-3 months
  • individual task of higher difficulty
  • personal mentor
  • develops critical thinking
  • counts as faculty credits
  • higher chances of becoming an ASSIST Software employee

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Individual internship

How to apply?

Create your CV

Mention everything including your studies, work experience (software related or not), hobbies, any other activities you do.

Prepare your portfolio

Add any links to code, screenshots, documents, drawings and anything else that shows your passion for what you do.

Fill our form

Fill the online form so our HR department could easily contact you.

How to be successful in a software
development selection process?

The answer is: Prepare!

Learn from experts

Dare to show us your abilities during a C++, C#, Php, Java, Ruby, Python, Android, Testing, Frontend OR UI/UX Design. Choose your technology!

English language test

The next stage will test your English skills. Don't worry. If you're reading this, you're probably fine.

HR Interview

Time to tell us about yourself. The next step is an insightful discussion with the HR department. We want to know more about you.

Technical interview

The fourth (and final) stage consists of an interview about your preferred technology.

An applicant’s timeline


Registration for the
internship program.

November - December

Prepare for the
selection process.

January - February

Registered candidates go
through the process.


Results of the selection
process communicated.

February - May

Period during which the
internship takes place.


Registration for the
internship program.

January - February

Prepare for the
selection process.


Registered candidates go
through the process.


Results of the selection
process communicated.

April - June

Preparation for the

July - August

Period during which the
internship takes place

Tips & Tricks

Technical documentation to study

Congratulations! Once you have been selected to participate in the internship, you will receive technical documentation for your selected technology. Go through it and your first day here will be a breeze.

Projects! Projects! Projects!

There are a lot of projects to choose from on the internet. Start small and grow steady, with an emphasis on what you learn from every project. Work on projects regularly because mastery is a result of practice.

What’s next?

Be yourself. Have fun. ASSIST Software is more than just a software engineering company. We truly wish to aid you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Tips and tricks

Frequently asked questions

At the ASSIST office in Suceava.

A passion for programming, personal projects, teamwork skills are ideal.

If you haven't graduated highschool yet, you can get our free resources and and prepare so you have the most chances to be selected for an internship after you graduate.

The evaluation can take place both online and on site.

For group internships it's probable that you will not, but for individual internships you usually do use the technology you chose initially.

For individual internships the projects vary from person to person, but they are always learning projects. For group internships we pick different projects year by year.