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HR ASSIST is a human resources (HR) platform that collects workforce management capabilities and is suitable for small to medium sized businesses. The solution also has a dedicated HR portal to keep all critical information in one place by using a MySQL database for saving employee documents. HR ASSIST is a single solution that incorporates recruitment profiles, internship data, employee profile and attendance, scheduling, holidays requests and more.

Data is updated in real time, so managers can make decisions based on the latest, most accurate information. The platform enables managers to access the entire hiring pipeline in a single dashboard. The dashboard can be filtered according to the requested information, allowing managers to monitor recruitment data and application statuses.

HR-ASSIST is an open source web application built using Rails 5.0.1 for the backend and Angular 1.5.9 for the front-end. The source code can be found here:


  • The manager can filter the list of employees (by name, skill & rating), LIVE search employees
  • The manager can also add projects and other information
  • Employees will be able to login and complete their profile: an employee can add PHP as a skill and rate it with 1 to 5 stars, etc.
  • The manager has access to all the employees’ profiles;
  • Employees can fill in and print holiday requests
  • After a request is submitted, the admin will receive an email and he can login and approve the holiday request.
  • Employees can check the number of remaining vacation days.
  • Employees can fill in their equipment information (workstation, monitor stand, etc.)


  • Completing employee profiles (personal details, job details, holiday requests, schedule, technical profile and projects, education, courses and certifications)
  • Creating and generating a CV in doc and pdf and Europass formats
  • Centralized records of all employees and the possibility to generate various reports
  • Various information filters
  • Project allocation in matter of human resources
  • Records for interns and candidates
  • Candidates’ information filters by status, technology and feature
  • Centralized holiday requests
  • Employee up-to-date information

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