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Real-time Weather Plugin

Real-Time Weather brings simulations a step closer to reality by providing updated real-time weather information. This Unity Store asset is highly compatible with other weather assets. Easy-to-use and easy to install, the Real-time Weather Plugin gathered great reviews from developers looking to enhance their projects.

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Real-time Weather Plugin

Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a free offline adventure RPG game, developed entirely in-house by ASSIST Software, using the Unity Engine. It’s available both on Android and iOS.

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 Elly and the Ruby Atlas - Romanian RPG mobile Game


SterilTrack is an RFID software solution that aims to help sterilization facilities to better control and monitor the sterilization process. Started as an R&D project, SterilTrack is now being sold to hospitals from Romania. 

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SterilTrack - RFID based software for sterilisation tracking developed by ASSIST Software - promoted image


HR ASSIST is an HR (human resources) platform that incorporates recruitment profiles, internship data, employee profile and attendance, scheduling, holidays requests and more.

The application enables managers to access the entire hiring pipeline in a single dashboard. The dashboard can be filtered according to the requested information, allowing managers to monitor recruitment data and application statuses.

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HR management platform by ASSIST Software Romania

Hooman Invaders

Hooman Invaders is a free to play 2D tower defense game for iOS and Android mobile devices, placed in an original and unique fantasy universe. The game in constructed around a story driven campaign and an endless wave mode for testing the player’s skills against each other.

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Hooman Invaders powered by ASSIST Software - 2D tower defense game


GPS ASSIST is a real-time fleet tracking application that feature up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including email alerts based on parameters set in advance.

GPS ASSIST helps companies to lower costs, improve their activities and increase productivity.

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GPS ASSIST is a is a real-time fleet tracking application that feature up-to-the-minute speed and location updates

Qualsyst v1.1

QUALSYST helps you effectively manage the quality management systems like food safety management system ISO 22000, information security management system ISO 27001 and any other management systems such as ISO.

QUALSYST allows the organization to ensure staff access to procedures, work instructions and forms via computer network, without resorting to classical printing or copying, distribution on broadcast signature register, etc..

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QUALSYST - ISO 9001 quality management system - ASSIST Software Romania

Medix v1.0

MEDIX application is intended to be used in hospitals, clinics, practices, with different specializations, as well as in family medical practices. 

MEDIX features a usefull tool for management of consulting files, data flow automatization, consistence and coherence of data, recovering and fast reporting of information.

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 Medix v1.0 medical management application - promo image

Caddec v2.0

CADDEC is a CAD-CAM application that intends to provide solutions for companies in the furniture manufacturing industry, optimizing their production process.

CADDEC helps in optimizing the material use, offering the best consumption alternative in order to reduce losses.

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 Caddec v2.0 CAD-CAM application - promo image

Accountant v5.6

ACCOUNTANT is a client-server type application that provides financial and accounting data management, offering through statistic processing and its reports support for company's management.

The application is highly customizable, allowing customers to adapt it according to their own workflow and needs.

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 Accountant v5.6 financial data management application - promo image

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