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Our Culture

We want to create an environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting. We are both a Team and a Family.

Our greatest assets are our passion, expertise, care for details, enthusiasm and a strong belief that we can succeed.

We love to deliver WOW services and results.


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The Way We Work

  • Curiosity and innovation are pre-requisites.

  • Listening is a great way to start a conversation.

  • We value planning and discipline.

  • We do things the ethical way because it is the only way.

  • We treat our employees the way we want them to treat our customers.

  • We always deliver on time.

  • We reward and celebrate success.

  • We are always looking ahead, reading ahead, thinking ahead.

  • We foster the spirit of cooperation.

  • Everyone in the company is an ambassador of our dedication to excellence.

The Way We Act

  • We love to be the first to say hello.

  • We encourage (human) diversity in all aspects of our life including, but not limited to: gender, sexual orientation, age, race, credo.

  • We enjoy sharing a cup of coffee in the morning.

  • We are helpful and kind.

  • We embrace change as a healthy part of growth.

  • We love learning and sharing.

  • We share each other's passion for sport, respect for nature and a healthy lifestyle.

  • We know that some rules cannot be broken; the rest are negotiable.

  • We love to answer questions before we are expected to.

  • We always get back to people.

What We Believe

  • Big ideas require hard work, continuous learning, and an open mind.

  • We value the chain of respect over the chain of command.

  • The dumbest questions give birth to the smartest ideas.

  • We believe that the small details make big differences.

  • Hobbies are a valuable expression of inner beauty.

  • All work and no play never works.

The Way We Have Fun

  • We have fun doing what we are good at - building great software.

  • We encourage laughter, but never at someone’s expense.

  • We love to celebrate birthdays together.

  • We enjoy our #having-fun channel on MS Teams, with daily jokes and cute cats. 

We Praise Our People

We have fun, whether we're playing ping-pong, testing futurist gadgets, or just enjoying a presentation about Scala.


Premium working environment

We know that a great working environment is very important. We are committed to constantly improve and progress.


Competitive salary

We offer a competitive salary based on skills, experience and education.


Training and seminars

We encourage our employees to get the best of them. We support all trainings and certifications you need.


Powerfull workstation

Things get done faster and better with the right tools. What you need is what you get.


Food catering at the office

No one should code while hungry, this is why we have a local food catering company bringing us lunch everyday.


Ping Pong

Here at ASSIST we have a sports room. Ping Pong and fussball are the most popular game here. Are you ready to challenge a senior?


Weekly football & biking activities

A healthy mind in a healthy body. We try to stay in shape playing sports.


Coffee infusion

Are you the type that needs coffee to jump in to the day? We start every day with a good hot coffee.


Friday parties

After hours we like to spend our time and have fun together strengthening our friendship.


ASSIST Software available jobs for Suceava

Join ASSIST and work on interesting projects

If you are talented, if you have the potential to evolve personally and professionally and you are looking for an opportunity where your talent and creativity are valued and rewarded, help ASSIST to build the best software development team in Romania.