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Hard Surface Modeling with PBR texturing - Tutorial
Raluca Versis
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Android: How to override properties files from jar dependency
Sebastian Macarescu
Often times when writing a library to be used by many clients (servers, mobile apps), the programmer is faced with the following feature: making it configurable ...
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How to save data to Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails
Sebastian VÎRLAN
In this tutorial I will show you how to save data in a NoSQL database like Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails framework. To make this example as useful ...
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How to Serialize / De-serialize objects in Unity3D
Nistor Alexandru
Alexandru NISTOR
This snippet describes how to serialize / de-serialize an object, or multiple objects, by using the .NET Framework Class Library Namespace System.Xml.Serialization and ...
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How to create a simple and responsive theme in WordPress
Lucian Cazaciuc
This is a quick tutorial for web developers who want to know how to create a simple and responsive theme in Wordpress.
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Singleton for multithreading in Java
Lucian Neghina
​Everyone knows what is singleton pattern, but how to implement a singleton class in multithreaded environment? Next, I’m going to present best approaches ...
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