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Unity Development and Consulting in Romania
Work with experienced Unity Developers from our dedicated Unity team to help bring your projects to life on time and within budget!

At ASSIST Software, we focus on maintaining good professional relationships with our clients, and we work hard to provide high-quality and on-time software development services.

As an offshore Unity development company from Romania, we constantly focus on growing as a team and developing our knowledge and skills in Unity development according to the newest technology trends and our customer needs. 

Our Unity Development team is capable of providing an extensive spectrum of solutions for our customers in a wide range of industries including the medical, educational, military and game development industries.   

ASSIST Software has a dedicated Unity development team with a flexible development pipeline that allows for quick prototyping of core features and game mechanics, while constantly polishing and iterating within an Agile workflow. At the same time, parallel development on multiple platforms (Windows, Mobile, VR/AR, WebGL) is a critical and highly-valued component of our pipeline.

Due to our full-stack development pipeline, the team’s expertise covers concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, animations, and UX/UI design, allowing us to provide our customers with a complete solution, developed exclusively in-house at the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we use the industry-standard tools for content creation such as 3DSMax, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Suite, Marvellous Designer, and Substance Texturing Suite.

We love to challenge ourselves and we constantly push our team's limits in order to create high-quality products that are at the cutting edge of technology. Therefore, we are proud of the fact that our company is one of the few Romanian software development companies that are qualified to provide Unity consulting services.

Successful projects built with Unity
The machine learning driven virtual dome through its disruptive technologies desires to change the way ...
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Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a free offline adventure RPG game, developed entirely in-house by ASSIST ...
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Autisma is a digital assistant embedded into a game designed to improve cognitive, communication, and ...
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SOGEM is a multi platform application developed by ASSIST Software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and ...
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Hooman Invaders is a free 2D tower defense game for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was developed ...
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Unity Store Assets
The Real-Time Weather Plugin for Unity is an efficient tool developed by ASSIST Software that obtains ...
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EVERTREE is a highly-customizable 2D asset package whose core is a built-in tree editor that allows ...
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The 3D model military pack consists of a 3D character US soldier as well as a military uniform, equipment, ...
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What our clients say
about what we do
  • " With great pleasure and deep confidence I may provide a strong recommendation for ASSIST Software SRL and their professional team for software development projects. As a senior consultant and software development project manager at IBM for many years I was asked (among other topics) for consultancy and recommendations in managing their software development processes. The process ... "
    Rainer Scharpegge testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Rainer Scharpegge

    Senior IT Advisor, Senior Expert Service

  • " ASSIST has been a highly-valued partner of Sefaira for more than a year. The team developed our corporate website and is also working with us on creating a support infrastructure for our customers. Working with ASSIST Team is a pleasure - they make working remotely very easy for us and it is almost like having them here in the office. I would especially highlight their very positive ... "
    Annete Burgard testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Annette Burgard

    VP of Marketing

  • " I worked with ASSIST to help with projects for, a startup specializing in big data analysis for revenue and marketing. We wanted to build robust, reliable, and simple to use applications for browser add-ins and for mobile phone OS. ASSIST team was skilled in developing proof of concepts, iterating through detailed design and deliverables. In the course of two years ... "
    Murali Krishnan opinion on the services and collaboration with ASSIST Software Romania

    Murali Krishnan

    VP of Technology

  • " ASSIST helped Ocrolus take a compelling vision and turn it into a compelling product. As a lean startup ASSIST provided the manpower and expertise to not only translate our vision into a robust product offering but also helped optimize our design and user experiences. Whenever we had a problem or inquiry, the ASSIST team was attentive and responsive. I am thankful that we engaged ... "
    Andrew Scarpitta picture for ASSIST Software testimonial

    Andrew Scarpitta

    Director Of Operations

Advantages of using Unity
  • icon
    The Ultimate 3D Development Platform
    Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, Unity3D enables rapid editing and iteration in development cycles in order to implement high-quality and complex solutions on rapidly evolving industry landscapes. With 45% of all games being developed using in Unity 3D and 60% of all XR (an umbrella term encompassing VR, AR and MR) content being created in Unity3D, there is no doubt regarding the technical matureness and strong foothold of this 3D development platform.
  • icon
    High Performance
    Unity3D benefits from native C++ cross-platform performance with the help of Unity-developed backend IL2CPP scripting and a high-performance multithreaded system. Alongside these key features, advanced profiling tools can help developers check if their content is CPU or GPU-bound and provide a smooth-running experience for the audience.
  • icon
    The Community
    Unity has one of the largest game engine communities, with members ranging from beginners to veteran developers that help make the learning process of Unity easy and efficient.
  • icon
    A Workspace for Creative People
    Unity is a creative hub for artists, designers, developers, and other team members. It includes 2D and 3D scene design tools, storytelling and cinematics tools, lighting, rendering, an audio system, physics engines, particle effects and a powerful dope sheet animation system.
  • icon
    Monetization and Advertising
    Unity offers built-in solutions for revenue generation in the form of ads and in-app purchases (IAPs). A key component of this ecosystem is the live-operation analytics feature for monitoring user activity, which helps developers focus on what matters most for the players.
  • icon
    Industry Leading Multiplatform Game Engine
    Unity3D allows you to build content once, and then easily deploy your content to over 25 platforms. Because Unity3D has more platform support than any other creation engine, you can easily and quickly reach a wide audience and feel confident that your IP will be future-proof, no matter how the industry evolves or where your imagination takes you.
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