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EVERTREE 2D Asset Package now available on the Unity Asset Store

Mon, 22 Jun 2020

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ASSIST Software is proud to announce that our game department's latest project – the EVERTREE 2D Asset Package - is now available on the Unity Asset Store, designed to provide solutions and inspiration for game developers. 
EVERTREE is a highly-customizable 2D asset package whose core is a built-in tree editor that allows users to configure and generate a wide variety of trees with just a few clicks. The editor uses over 250 unique and hand-drawn  4K sprites that will give your project a fresh and original touch. 
Our dedicated Unity developers and 2D artists have put a lot of hard work into developing the EVERTREE 2D Asset Package as shown through the multitude of components it has to offer: 
  • a total of 261 unique sprites  
  • 54 already-assembled and ready-to-use trees, with various LODs
  • 8 tileable 4k sprites to be used for the background, middle ground, foreground, and sky
  • 5 different leaf sprites plus a falling leaves particle system  
  • 48 high-quality props (vines, mushrooms, nests, rocks, leaves, and plants)  
  • 8 different 4k trees, each with 12-26 sprites for all the different parts, such as the trunk, leaves, vines, magic marks and so on  
  • source .psd files for all the above-mentioned assets  
  • a flexible and customizable tree generator tool that uses all the sprites of the package and was custom built for this  
→ Get the EVERTREE 2D Asset Package for a special price from the Unity Asset Store.
Reality is the best source of inspiration and this is why our team went to great lengths with research and proper references for each asset, in order to provide a believable environment where all the elements can be combined to look good and make sense at the same time. 
The 8 trees, drawn from in-depth research and included in this package are the following:
  • 2 Aleppo Pines   
  • 3 Monterey cypress trees   
  • 3 Olive trees  
There are different ways in which you can use our 2D asset package. Firstly, you can just use the assets, meaning you can simply make use of the 250+ already provided sprites in any way you like and experiment with the sizes to fit your project. Secondly, you can make your own custom trees with unique settings, by assembling them manually in Unity. 
The EVERTREE 2D Asset Package was created by ASSIST Software’s game development department, which continues to be an example of creativity and innovation for us by putting hard work and passion into all of the projects they undertake. 
Our game development team has created a render pipeline showcase that you can watch to get a better idea of the potential of our 2D asset package. 
We invite you to take check out the EVERTREE 2D Asset Package, which is available on the Unity Asset Store and ArtStation. 
While you’re at it, you could also check out our3D US Paratrooper Soldier– a 3D model military pack, or our Real-time Weather Unity plugin, both of which can be easily integrated into your Unity 3D projects.  



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