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Explore the advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to Romania and what makes this country a top software outsourcing destination!

Romania is one of the most promising software outsourcing destinations in Europe, as it is considered a stable location with a well-desired position on the global outsourcing map. The future looks bright due to the rapid development of the most important cities in the country. These cities continue to attract not only important IT giants but also outsourcing partnerships with prestigious companies from abroad. Romania is an EU member state and this is an advantage for companies interested in collaborating with Romanian firms, as legal and financial concerns are reduced.

Moreover, in the last few years, the Romanian government has encouraged the growth of the IT sector and has been offering low corporation taxation policies to all IT companies in order to help them develop and hire the necessary workforce without paying the additional 16% tax. Most investors chose to work with Romanian teams because of their excellent technical expertise, responsibility, flexibility, enthusiasm and great language skills.
Choosing a software outsourcing company from Romania is a wise choice for long-term business collaborations in both nearshoring and offshoring services.

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Top Advantages of Software Outsourcing to Romania

1. Experienced IT professionals

The labor force employed in Romania`s software outsourcing sector has been increasing over the years, from 15,000 employees in 2007 to over 50,000 employees currently working in the outsourcing industry, as per data from the Romanian Ministry of IT and Communications.

Software developers in Romania are always learning and receiving certifications of their skills, in technologies such as Java, C, C++, Mobile, PHP, and many others. They are dedicated and diligent and they strive for excellence in their line of work. 

Recent studies have shown that in terms of the number of certified IT professionals, Romania is the leader in Europe. Romania ranks sixth in the world for the number of certified IT professionals, with density rates per 1,000 inhabitants greater than those in the US or Russia.  

2. IT universities and hubs

Education plays a major role in preparing the next generation of software developers. In the last few years, many new strategies have been adopted in order to strengthen the relationships between companies, universities and future employees.

As a result, It companies are organizing workshops, training sessions, courses or internships in order to promote their services and advertise job opportunities to students in universities and schools. Romania has an important educational environment based on technology and information, developing more than 5,000 IT engineers each year.  

In the last year, the most important cities of Romania (such as Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, and Timisoara) developed multiple IT hubs where technology specialists meet to give talks, share their experiences, participate in various contests and attend training sessions in order to perform at the highest levels.

3. Compatible Time-zones

It is important to consider time zone when you are outsourcing IT projects. Services and products need to be provided with maximum efficiency.

From this point of view, Romania has the advantage of being in a time zone that is only an hour ahead of just at most Central and Western European countries, with the exception of the UK, Portugal, and Iceland, where the time difference is 2 hours.

Moreover, despite the time difference between Romania and U.S., developers in Romania have adapted and can easily collaborate with U.S. clients, thanks to an overlap of 2-3 hours when they deliver services and communicate directly with the client.  

4. Easy Access to Romania

Because Romania is an EU country, traveling from Europe to Romania does not require a visa. Romania is easy to reach from any European country.

We are located in the GMT+2 time zone, thus by working with an outsourcing software development company from Romania, clients based in Europe will be able to collaborate with the outsourcing team in real time and have online meetings all during office hours.

5. Cost savings by working with a software development company in Romania

Romania is one of the most competitive countries in Europe, in terms of costs efficiency for outsourcing software projects. By working with a software outsourcing company from Romania, you can benefit from receiving good products and services at low cost. Salaries in Romania are lower than those in other countries in Western Europe (such as Germany, the UK, and Poland) therefore the costs of your services will be lower. 

By choosing software outsourcing companies from Romania, customers will receive high-quality services that will meet their expectations and they will benefit from some of the lowest prices in Eastern Europe!

6. Multilingual communication

Romanian IT workers are typically young, motivated and multilingual specialists. You can easily communicate with them in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and in a number of other languages too. You can be sure that all the information you provide will be well understood and the final results will meet your expectations. 

Taking into consideration the fact that the principal means of communication during a project are emails and video conferences we know how important is to communicate clearly and effectively with our clients. Romanian software developers are familiar with these form of communication and always like to keep in touch with their clients in order to keep them informed about the progress of a project.

7. Multicultural environment

Romanian people are open-minded, have good intercultural skills and have great respect and love for the cultures of other countries. The majority of Romanian employees have been abroad at least one time, either for work or to study at a university in Europe.

Many foreign students have been hired by IT companies in Romania and they have good relationships with their Romanian colleagues, working together to offer high-quality software solutions for customers.

8. Time efficiency

By working with experienced IT professionals, you will be able to complete your software projects in less time. IT professionals in Romania will respect your deadlines and will work efficiently to ensure that your projects get completed on time. 

A specialized software outsourcing company will be able to handle the logistics of your software development projects and will have the necessary resources to start your projects immediately. This way you can stay focused on the main objectives of your firm and be assured that your software projects are being completed in an effective and efficient way.

9. Long-term customer relationships

Romanian outsourcing companies respect their clients and are always striving to offer the best results they can base on their clients` budgets. Long-term relationships are proof of win-win collaborations and many companies form and maintain specific teams for dedicated customers in order to assure the best results for a long time.

In conclusion, working with a software outsourcing company in Romania might be the best choice you can make for your company, as it will save you money, time and you will work with highly competent and enthusiastic professionals. You will receive innovative and helpful software solutions for your projects. Collaborate with IT professionals from a software outsourcing company in Romania and they will definitely convince you to become one of their long-term customers!

ASSIST Software is the best choice for outsourcing software development to Romania, Suceava.

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