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Explore the advantages of using dedicated teams in software development outsourcing!

Dedicated teams represent a very popular practice among outsourcing companies, being an important cost-effective benefit for clients. At ASSIST Software we provide dedicated teams to our customers. The main purpose is to make sure every project we take on gets all the attention and expertise necessary to be completed successfully.

Nearshore dedicated teams for countries located mostly in Europe means that if necessary, clients can quickly meet their teams for training, one-to-one discussions or evaluations. At ASSIST Software we always strive to select the perfect team for our clients. We evaluate the project`s needs and the expertise of our specialists in order to choose the persons that will meet their requirements. We know how important it is to know the insights of the project, so we give time and resources to our members to accommodate with the information and the client.

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Main advantages of nearshore & offshore dedicated teams

1. Software Expertise

Software development outsourcing companies have the advantage to benefit from a large and various team, with different types of qualifications and specializations. They can easily communicate and fix any unexpected issue.

Working with an outsourcing dedicated team gives you confidence that you`re project won`t have delays. At ASSIST we always provide well-prepared project managers and also a blend of experts, with the right balance between junior, middle and senior developers.

2. Flexibility

Customized software solutions are the main reason to consider when choosing a software development outsourcing company. Depending on the complexity of every project, at ASSIST Software we offer the flexibility to choose the number of team members and even more important, to add or reduce project personnel during the working period.

Nearshore software services to a dedicated team from Eastern Europe, Romania, means you`re going to communicate with open-minded persons, ready to adapt to your time-zone and keep in touch through a variety of means of communication: video conferences, phone calls, project management, direct communication with individual team members.

3. Project transparency

As a client you`ll be permanently up to date with all the details of the project. You will have access to the project plan and status, task assignments, issues/tickets or any problems that can appear. You can choose to organize weekly demos to check the project`s evolution.

At ASSIST we believe communication is the key to a productive collaboration. We definitely take into consideration every feedback or requirements in order to improve the project.

We love to learn and become better and we are striving for finding the best solutions for every challenge that may appear.

4. Cost-effective

Working with dedicated software development teams will definitely help your business save costs. No hiring, hardware & software, certifications or infrastructure costs for you. Choosing a dedicated team for nearshore software development to Eastern Europe, Romania, brings reduced costs compared to other countries worldwide.

At ASSIST Software we can provide top software development teams for the cost of just a department and boost your business. As a top software development provider in Romania we offer you the most suitable team for your project. You don`t need to invest money or time to train the members that will work for your projects.

5. Hiring Process

The best choice for companies who are not specialized in software development is to nearshore/offshore software services to a software development team from Romania, Suceava who can provide high quality expertise. Working with dedicated teams from Eastern Europe eliminates all procedures or liabilities related to hiring process.

You don`t need to spend time on recruitment processes or to deal with laws from other countries. You won`t have any worries with finding the appropriate number of specialists that fit your requirements, pay taxes or other compensations. The outsourcing company you`ll choose to work will be the main connection you`ll need in order to have access to a top qualified dedicated team.

6. Efficiency

A dedicated development team from a software outsourcing partner works especially on only one project at a time. This way, the client has full control and priority. The dedicated team becomes a virtual extension of the client`s team. When team members know the project very well, tasks are solved faster and easier.

Specialists know how to handle any technical issue and where to look up for solutions.

Thanks to the Agile methodology which involves daily discussions, continuous improvements and rapid response to change the collaboration is very efficient and projects are delivered on time.

Build your own software dedicated team at ASSIST Software and we`ll provide the best version of your project!

Why are dedicated teams important for software development outsourcing projects?
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Why are dedicated teams important for software development outsourcing projects

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