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Discover why is Romania your best choice for Nearshore Software Development!

Located in the Eastern Europe, Romania is one of the top countries worldwide, providing high-quality outsourcing services for individuals and companies. Romania has become one of the best nearshore destinations for software development projects, especially following EU entrance at the beginning of 2007 when many important companies in Europe and other continents discovered the outstanding benefits they can have as a result of their collaboration with the talented Romanian IT specialists.
The economic situation of Romania seems to have re-established and the majority of the consequences of the global financial crisis of 2008 have vanished. The country’s growth is one of the highest in the European Union in 2016 and will probably continue the increase also in 2017.

Nearshore software development to Romania is the best choice especially for companies situated in Europe that choose to have access to real-time communication, more control on their projects and quick contact with the team. This kind of collaboration is preferred by many investors due to some major benefits as geographically proximity, time zone, political, legal, and cultural background similarities.

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Top benefits of Nearshore Software Development to Romania

1. Highly skilled IT&C engineers

Recent studies have revealed that Romania is leading Europe in technology workers per capita, and is the 6th country in the world in terms of certified IT professionals with more than 64.000 specialists, having behind important countries as UK, Germany and Canada.

These results certainly reflect the focus that the educational system has on computer science skills and the support given by the government to the IT firms in terms of tax reductions.

2. Data protection and risk reduction

IT represents a field that continues to change day by day and a specialized Romanian nearshore software company will always be up to date with all that can affect the market, the products and the services one may use inside a project. Therefore, the firm offers you specialized assistance especially concerning security or compliance issues that may appear all of a sudden.

Romania has adopted the EU directive 3002/58/, becoming a reliable partner for developing projects, where personal data security is highly important. Romanian IT&C companies have a solid experience and expertise in terms of data protection, risk management and compliance.

3. Foreign Languages speakers

Romanian people are internationally known for their high aptitude in speaking foreign languages, excelling especially at the European ones: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. In fact, Romania is one of the few nearshore destinations in the world that has the potential to provide outsourcing services in more than 20 foreign languages, at a leading quality level.

4. Cultural similarities

Romanian people are quite flexible in relation to foreign cultures and have the ability to empathize, adapt and collaborate with people with different social backgrounds, in order to deliver valuable results. When speaking about nearshoring services, a common cultural background makes the communication to be more effective and enjoyable.

5. Rates

Romania is one of the most competitive countries in Europe, in terms of costs-efficiency for nearshoring software development services. One of the main reasons is that comparing to other countries in Western Europe (Germany, UK, Poland) salaries are lower and therefore the entire cost of your services will decrease due to the costs of the workforce.

ASSIST Software is the best option for nearshore software development to Romania, Suceava.

Why should you choose Romania for your nearshore software development projects?
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Why should you choose Romania for your nearshore software development projects

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