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Learn why is Romania your best option for Offshore Software Development!

Romania is one of the best places for the offshore software development due to the variety of advantages it offers. Are you thinking of a new project that may bring your company great financial results in the next year, but the main obstacle you face is the lack of an IT department that can help you develop the software components? What about a quick, cost-effective solution that can bring together software professionals outside your firm to solve your problem? Software development offshoring is a valuable solution that many companies have been using lately, in order to save costs and assure they have good quality products delivered in time.

What is offshore software development? In the business environment, offshoring represents an activity that a specialized company or individual is practicing in order to deliver specific products or services to another company that could have done this in-house, but with more risks and costs. Thus, software offshoring is comprised of a variety of business solutions as web and mobile applications, design and usability, games, e-payment, e-commerce and more. The collaboration is based between 2 companies located in different countries, usually with different time-zones when speaking about offshoring. Thanks to the high-speed Internet connections and the variety of means of communication, providing software development services is now easy anywhere in the world.

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Best reasons to Offshore Software Development to Romania

1. Dedicated offshore software development team

A specialized offshore software company will have for sure the necessary logistic and human resources to start your project immediately. This way you can stay focused on the main objectives of your firm and assure that the other activities function in the right way. You will communicate directly with a project manager that will assure that his team will offer the requested services and products;

2. Costs optimization

When choosing an offshore software development destination, costs are one of the main factors that influence the final decision. In terms of cost resources, Romania represents a sustainable option. First because rates are lower than in other countries and second, because you don`t have to invest money to hire a person or a group of skilled employees and specialize them in order to obtain certificates and the competences needed for your specific projects.

3. Efficient communication

Romania ranks the preferred offshoring destinations when speaking about a smooth communication, as it is the 2nd most multilingual country in Europe, having many foreign languages speakers in the IT sector. Customers can easily communicate with their dedicated teams nor in their native language, either using an international language as English. Even if the time-zone may appear as a challenge, Romanian developers are flexible and with good organizational skills and the help of modern technology the communication will meet no problems.

4. Qualified human resources

Romania offers a rich pool of well-educated and well-trained employees who work with commitment and passion for their job. Working with professionals will be more efficient for your project, due to the fact that they know exactly what they have to do and they will respect deadlines and offer your products just in time.

5. Modern technology infrastructure

Romanian offshore software development companies are up to date with the latest technologies on the market and are always ready to offer the best solutions using unexpected software skills. Moreover, Romania is considered to be one of the fastest-growing information technology markets in Central and Eastern Europe, being famous especially for its fast internet connections and great telecommunications facilities.

6. Political and economic stability

Romania provides a stable political and economic climate and continues to attract numerous foreign investments due to the support offered by the government. Studies have shown that major IT companies that have invested in Romania (such as Oracle, Dell, Xerox, IBM, Intel) have been pleased by an environment that encourages growth and development and haven`t been affected in any way by the political or economic situation of the country.

ASSIST Software is the best choice to offshore software development to Romania, Suceava

Why should you choose Romania for your offshore software development projects?
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 Why should you choose Romania for your offshore software development projects

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