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Explore the advantages of software development outsourcing to Suceava and what makes this city a great software outsourcing destination! 

Suceava is a flourishing pool of technology talents and software outsourcing companies here are constantly improving their high-quality outsourcing services, which are offered worldwide through successful and reliable companies like ASSIST Software. 

Talented software developers in Suceava always strive to offer the best services possible and to build strong relationships with their clients that are based on responsibility, professionalism and delivering results on time. 

Suceava has been developing rapidly in the last few years and has attracted new outsourcing projects, as well as international partner companies that are eager to work with the talented IT professionals in this small city. 

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Main advantages of Software Development Outsourcing to Suceava, Romania

1. Location

Suceava is one of the biggest cities in Romania, and it is located in the north-east of the country, in the famous historical region of Bukovina. This zone is well known for its numerous monasteries and extraordinary landscapes that attract thousands of tourists every year. 

Even though it is far from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, Suceava has great connections with all of the major cities in the country, being easy to access by plane and train as well as other means of transportation. People living here are well educated, hard-working, warm and open-minded and this is one of the reasons why Suceava is attracting more and more foreign investors in different fields, every year.

Suceava benefits from the presence of the Stefan cel Mare International Airport, which connects the city and surrounding areas to many important cities in Europe. 
The airport continues to open new international routes to accommodate the demand for business and holiday travel. Another way to reach Suceava is to travel by plane to Iasi, a city that is about two hours away from Suceava by car.

Suceava is at most a few hours away by plane from most European capitals. Nearshoring to Suceava means that a client can come here whenever they want/need to in order to meet the development team in person to establish the most important objectives of their project and streamline the workflow.

2. Prestigious IT Faculty and highly-skilled software developers 

Many talented young Romanian and foreign students that are interested in a career in the IT field choose to study at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV) at the prestigious Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FIRESC),  which is accredited by the European Federation of National Engineering Associations. 

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science has managed to establish partnerships with institutions and universities in Europe as well as with some in the USA, Canada, and Asia. Thus, students studying at this faculty have the option to go abroad for a semester or two to study at other universities, while foreign students may come to study in Suceava. 

Software developers in Suceava are very determined and diligent,  always striving for excellence and working hard to keep their technical skills up to date. They are in a continuous learning process, completing tutorials and courses, and working towards certifications for their abilities in technologies such as Java, C, C++,  PHP, and many others. 

One of the most important IT contests in Suceava is Hard & Soft,  which is organized by FIRESC and takes place at USV. The first edition of the contest took place in 1994 and ASSIST Software has been a proud supporter of the contest since the first edition. 

Hard & Soft is an international contest for teams of final-year students

studying Computer Science, Electronics or Automation who work on an unseen task over a period of five days. This contest provides an excellent opportunity for students to challenge themselves, bringing together innovative minds and encouraging creativity and teamwork. Many teams from USV enroll in this contest every year and they prove to have outstanding skills competing with the best teams in the world. 

3. IT Internships for students

ASSIST Software offers internship opportunities to university students as well as 12th-grade students and high school graduates interested in a career in the IT field.  During these internships, students develop projects from scratch, thus learning about all the stages involved in the software development process.

Through our mentoring system, we support students in their learning process, and we offer them guidance on their projects as well as career advice. We are happy to share our knowledge and insights from our working experience with the interns, and year after year, we have seen that the participants make the most of this experience, learning quickly and making a lot of progress in a short period of time.

We praise good work and participation and we often offer full- or part-time jobs to our interns after the successful completion of an internship. In fact, most of our employees are USV students that started their careers at ASSIST by completing an internship with us. 

We strongly value our long-term collaboration with the university in Suceava and the high-quality education they provide to their students. We enjoy collaborating with the students and we appreciate their enthusiasm and effort. This is why, once a year, we organize a special event at the university called “ASSIST Open Doors”,  where we invite tech students to meet us, discover more about our company and projects and apply for our internships.

4. Top Software Development Outsourcing Partner in Suceava - ASSIST Software

ASSIST Software Romania specializes in software development outsourcing projects and is one of the most prestigious IT firms in Suceava. 

ASSIST has a long and productive history of 27 years in IT services. Over the years, it has succeeded in becoming the top choice for local and international partners seeking the best price-quality ratio for software services in Suceava, Romania. 

Over the years, ASSIST Software has been a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner for more than  250 clients around the world and has delivered more than 460 successful projects since 1992. 

These numbers have been growing exponentially over the years together with the number of employees, and we aim to continue expanding our client base and knowledge base while maintaining high standards of quality in all of our projects. 

You can read our customer testimonials which demonstrate our commitment and dedication to providing the best software services to our clients.  ASSIST has been ISO 27001 certified since 2017. 

ASSIST Software is the best choice for outsourcing software development to Suceava, Romania! 

Why should you choose Suceava for your software development outsourcing projects?
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Why should you choose Suceava for your software development outsourcing projects?

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