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Gabriel Tironeac

Head of Game Development at ASSIST

One of the first steps in any mobile game development process represents the library of assets used for creating and populating the game world. This Unity game package contains the following items: a game ready mountain troll model (5000 polygons), fully rigged and with a demo walk animation attached to it. At the same time the following 2k textures are available to use in the Unity Engine and/or in other 3D applications: diffuse map, normal map, ambient occlusion map and displacement map.

Mobile Game Development CGI Troll Model

The high detail character has been modeled (20 million polygons) and textured (with PTEX) in Mudbox. All the textures have been extracted from the sculpt model to the low poly game version. Two rendered images, one of the HD model and one of the game ready model are also available in the package.

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