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Andreea Juduc

Art Director at ASSIST

Raluca Versis

3D Designer at ASSIST

Creating a mobile game requires to have the game world environment. For this we created 6 models developed after a concept art. The elements consists of a start point (a temple front gate), a background element (a rock wolf head) and 4 bridge elements that are required for creating an endless runner mobile game. The 3d models have been sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Mudbox and the low poly versions have been created with the help of Topogun. The Unity Package contains the 3d low poly game ready models and their 1k diffuse and normal maps (12 in total). At the same time, 2 images one of the concept art and one of the HD models are also available in the package.

Game Environment

Concept art -  Andreea Alexandra Stela JUDUC

Zbrush sculpting - Andreea Alexandra Stela JUDUC

Mudbox Poly Paint - Raluca VERDIS

Topogun Retopology - Raluca VERDIS


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