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Recent evolutions on outsourcing market

Recently, Romania has been globally ranked in the top 10 emerging outsourcing destinations, with a special focus on software development industry.

Local companies’ reputation is increasing and getting stronger, making Romania a charismatic destination for outsourcing software development and a premium choice in IT&C expertise.

1. Well educated and high skilled IT&C specialists. Right cost/value ratio

Romanian educational system still keeps its high standards, continuing to focus on fundamental sciences, engineering, creative design, and innovation. As a result, Romania has a highly skilled and techie human resource, with an emphasis on computer science. All this at a right cost/value ratio is an extremely attractive factor for Western Europe and US investors. Thus, Romania is rapidly taking advance with respect to the escalation of outsourcing partnerships.

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2. Romania is part of the European Values System and an active factor in European cultural community

Romanian companies are well integrated and connected to European values, both on economic and cultural layers. Consequently, Romanian outsourcing companies’ employees perform quite well in the collaborative processes they are involved in. Consciousness of a common cultural background makes the communication to be effective, proactive, and, ultimately, enjoyable.

Romanian people’s culture is an European one, people, especially the educated ones, are quite flexible and definitely adaptable in relation to foreign cultures. People have a supportive attitude for successful businesses, being diligent, creative and innovative when it comes to deliver timely and in best conditions a product or a project for a foreign client.

Aspects such as values, creeds, dress code are quite adapted to any normal business environment.

3. Multilingualism is an important asset that allows a steady development of outsourcing industry

Romanians are known worldwide for their robust appetite for learning and speaking European languages, primarily English, followed by French, Italian, Spanish and German.

Nowadays, Romania is the one of the few outsourcing destinations in the world that can provide outsourcing services in more than 20 foreign languages, at a leading quality level and at no additional or less on-boarding training investment.

4. IT labor market in expansion

While skills deficit continues to be a problem in Western Europe, growth in IT outsourcing in Romania continues steadily. Recent studies revealed that Romania has one of the highest growth rates of IT specialists in Europe. In this respect, Romania is the 6th country at global level in terms of number of certified IT specialists per each thousands of inhabitants, having behind countries as UK, Germany and Canada. This is certainly the outcome of its educational system focused on multilingual, engineering, especially, computer science skills.

5. Reliability, data protection and compliance

Processing of personal data is a very sensitive issue nowadays. Romania, as member of European Union, offers comfort in this matter, due to its adherence to the Data Protection Act. Romania has adopted the EU directive 3002/58/, becoming an interesting destination for developing projects, where personal data security is crucial. Romanian IT&C companies have a solid track record in terms of reliability, data protection and compliance.


This is why Romanian software development companies are a great and valuable alternative for long-term cooperation in both nearshoring and offshoring businesses.

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