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Less than ten years ago, a mobile phone was used for one main purpose: to make phone calls on the go. The Smartphone revolutionized the way in which we communicate and live our lives. Nowadays, the calling function of smartphones is just one of many features that these devices have to offer. These days, it’s all about the apps.

Our integrated team of specialists provides strategy, architecture, design, security, and development for cutting edge mobile applications. From standalone apps & games to online social networks, we deliver high-quality products. We offer a broad range of services for mobile application development on leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Example of mobile applications developed by ASSIST Software's team
Innovative solutions for cross-platform mobile apps
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RiteApp Logo

RiteApp is a mobile application developed by ASSIST Software for Android and iOS. 
RiteApp is designed as a great companion for all handymen around the world. The app was developed only for Canada at first, but it will soon be ready to expand its availability all around the world.

SOGEM Stair Configurator

SOGEM is a multi platform application developed by ASSIST Software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and compatible web browsers using WebGL technology. The app is a 3D stair configurator where the customer can configurate and filter the perfect stair for his home, depending on his preferences and the physical requirements of the room.

DriveNtell iOS App

DriveNtell is one of the many IOS applications developed by ASSIST Software here in Romania.  

DriveNtell represents a platform designed to organize car trips into a single place where everything is saved and managed for future understanding of what, where and how the cars of a company or individual are used.

City tour

City Guide is a mobile platform that helps finding local attractions, restaurants, hotels, available events and promotions. It adresses both tourists and the bussiness environment, offering businesses the possibility to maintain permanent contact with their customers and also promote in a dynamic manner. As a Business to Consumer platform it aims to promote the area in both terms of tourism and

BONAFIDE Project - ASSIST Software

Today, consumers consider several factors, besides cost, when making buying decisions such as origin, production practices, and environmental impacts.

Zelgor Project

Zelgor is a free to play iOS mobile world conquest game. The core game features three distinct mini games with different mechanics and gameplay that interact with each other in a natural way.To conquer new territories the player needs to expand his army numbers to have the necessary paratroopers for the missions, by attacking other commanders on the battlefield.

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