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Today, consumers consider several factors, besides cost, when making buying decisions such as origin, production practices, and environmental impacts.

Currently, no commercial solution exists that integrates the whole supply chain, interoperable information based on traceability, and environmental sustainability of food products that enable communication of this information to the end consumers of the food products. Current systems mainly focus on delivering information to the responsible supply chain partners directly involved with the trade and transport logistics.

The BONAFIDE application will provide simple and easy to use access to the supply chain data available in a Business Cloud System that is being developed by partner iMonit. This data is key for providing consumers with transparent information needed for trust in the food supply chain. 

The BONAFIDE Project is co-funded by UEFISCDI, under EUREKA-EUROSTARS INNOVATION program, the subprogramme European Cooperation Eureka-Eurostars, topic Development of Product - Systems - Technologies (DPST), project entitled: "Consumer access facilitation to food information and access to data through mobile and web applications" with contract project number: 8578.

The project consortium is formed by 3 European partners from 2 countries: Iceland represented by MarkMar Nutra and iMonIT, and Romania represented by our company - ASSIST Software.

Partners of the BONAFIDE Project Consortium:

  Co-funded by the EUREKA Member Countries and the European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme

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