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  • iOS Application Development



DriveNtell is one of the many IOS applications developed by ASSIST Software here in Romania.  

DriveNtell represents a platform designed to organize car trips into a single place where everything is saved and managed for future understanding of what, where and how the cars of a company or individual are used.

Everything is interconnected to obtain even the small details for each trip individually, starting from the car information like speed, acceleration and events (generated from driving behaviour) collected from the EPU continuing to the location of the car using the phone GPS and finishing with the server. The car is connected to the phone by a bluetooth dongle which beside the values from the EPU has a build in system specialized in monitoring the forces that interact with the car when driving.

All of this data is packed and uploaded to a cloud system that lets the user view his activity and make certain observations for each individual trip, along with viewing the route and the events he generated.

The application has the purpose of guiding the driver to control his driving by giving audio advice when his driving style becomes more aggressive. If safety and precaution is the target here, why not use a scoring system to know which drivers are more careful behind the wheel and which need to learn some anger management techniques.

This features are great when a company wants to have some control on how their cars are being used but I think this is great for an individual driver as he can understand how he is driving and where are the weak points in his driving style.


  • Keep track of vehicle usage and drivers behaviour behind the wheel
  • Organize business or personal trips
  • Understand better how your driving actually is
  • Try to see the app as a driving guide that improves your reflexe


  • Easy to use - drivers have just to set up the app, connect it with their bluetooth device and enter the odometer values of the car, then they are all set to go
  • Customizable functionality - users that have specific preferences regarding the way the app behaves, can customize and personalize it for their needs
  • Simple and intuitive functionality - the app has two main purposes regarding the user, first is the journey monitoring device and the second a portal which helps the driver and company to organise each trip.
  • Score history - generates a graph of the last 7 days score to make very obvious the progression or regression the driver is making
  • Tips - depending on the score, every driver will get a tip which will help him to get rid of bad habits 

Alexandru Boca, iOS mobile development team leader: 

Every challenge is a test of strength and a step forward to your evolution, this project had all the ingredients in the book enough to challenge us in completing key requirements without bothering about complexity. 
It’s a complete project with real practical usage and usability in a daily basis and the entire system of the application is a complex nexus that needs to work perfect in order to get the result we aimed at. Also every app needs to be a unique experience for the user, so the entire nexus behind it needs to be coated with the finest design to achieve a good workflow and a beautiful frontend.  
All of these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing our passion for what we do and why we do it, but the complex things are what drive us to make stuff look great.

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