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Main activities

  • Unity Development
  • 3D Simulations
  • XR
  • VR


Unity 3DPhoton Network EngineBlenderXR ToolkitAlembicFBXOBJ files

Project Scope

Envisioning a disruptive approach to learning through a flexible framework aiming at a wide range of educational levels and disciplines.

Education is currently traversing a dynamic reconstruction with the integration of new technologies in the learning process. E-learning platforms represent an alternative to classic methods, but they lack the interaction between users and in many cases, only copy classic learning content in a digital form.  
The final product is envisioned as an easy-to-use educational platform for presenting, analyzing, and studying a wide range of disciplines, powered by VR technology with a strong focus on multiplayer and high-fidelity content.    


Highlight features

The aim of this application is to provide an improved e-learning platform that would offer the users a real-life experience. The core components of the application work together to create a high-quality and flexible learning ecosystem, with the following features:
  • Multiplatform support;
  • Single & Multiplayer support  
  • VR ready  
  • Cloud hosting for multiplayer sessions and 3D scenes library  
  • Support for FBX, OBJ, and Alembic data for easy content management     


Technical Approach

To achieve the goals, the technology stack for this product consists of an industry-proven set of software solutions that offers both the speed and stability needed to develop and extend the e-learning solution: 
Technical Approach - VR Study Platform

Product Scenarios

Digital equality (easy access to high-quality learning resources) and a fully customized experience tailored to a wide range of audiences are the main pillars of the application, and to achieve these goals, a set of scene profiles have been developed.
These profiles represent the building blocks of the platform and provide a clear depiction of the broad spectrum of educational fields that can be accessed with the help of the application and developed even further. 

R&D Summary

  • Product name: VR Study Platform
  • Challenge: Digital Transformation
  • Industry: e-learning
  • Areas of interest: Interactive education, digital equality
  • Solution: Interactive Education platform
  • Potential use: Engineering, Simulations Data, HealthCare, Sports
  • Context: Develop innovative ideas using emerging and disruptive technologies, with applicable functional aspects meant to provide a positive impact on everyday problems that the company, community or world are facing. 
  • Time to prototype: 3 months
  • ASSIST team size: 4


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