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Suceava, Romania




Main activities

  • Field test and platform validation



The objective of the FP7  DURAFILE project is the development of a platform made by intelligent agents that exchanges dynamic knowledge and information among them (as a type of social search) with the goal of finding suitable preservation plans for obsolete multimedia digital objects. This represents a complete solution for multimedia digital preservation, which is extensible and flexible, always up-to-date as the information it contains is alive and real-time accessible.

Through digital preservation, the DURAFILE project aims to ensure access to information and all types of records, scientific and cultural heritage existing in digital formats. Digital preservation offers assurance that digital information can be accessed continuously at any time and across shifts of technical generations that occur approximately every 5 to 15 years.

The FP7 DURAFILE project consortium: Spain represented by Ateknea Solutions, ABACCUS DOING INNOVATION, Easy Innova, and Universitat de Girona, Romania represented by our company ASSIST Software, Greece represented by IDEC, France represented by Highlands Technologies Solutions, Turkey represented by Entegre Enformasyon Sistemleri, and Estonia represented by Tallin University

The DURAFILE project is co-funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency and submitted under program FP7-SME - Specific Programme "Capacities": Research for the benefit of SMEs, on-topic SME-2013-1 - Research for SMEs with the project ID: 605356.


Partners of the DURAFILE Project Consortium:

  Co-funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency
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