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ASPIRE is an European Horizon 2020 project that aims to finalise and commercialise an existing robotic system and to deliver a unique and innovative product for inspecting oil & gas upstream asset integrity and recommending maintenance schedules. ASPIRE will operate both above and below sea level, broadening the inspection scope.

ASPIRE Objectives

ASPIRE addresses 2 main objectives: delivering continuous improvement in health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) performance and driving growth in daily production and proven reserves by optimising existing assets.

The use of the ASPIRE robotic inspection and automatic data analysis & maintenance recommendation system will enable upstream asset operators to easily gather difficult to access data and deliver risk based inspection (RBI) on complex equipment where the standard manual approach cannot be adopted due to the harsh environment. The operation of the MEC-200+ above and below sea offers a unique advantage. The new system will enable operators to effectively gauge the structural integrity of upstream assets, thereby reducing the risk of plant failures by providing advanced data on the current life-state.

ASPIRE system will perform inspections, analyse inspection data and make maintenance recommendations including schedules, eliminating the reliance on scheduled maintenance which is often done without knowledge of asset condition, hence risky and time-inefficient. Our solution will enable the oil and gas sector to maximise maintenance budgets; increase operation efficiency by reducing downtimes; and increase platform safety, avoiding life threatening incidents and environmental pollution. The outcome is a cost-effective approach to through-life management of business-critical assets leading to better decision making, particularly with respect to ongoing inspection requirements and corrosion inhibition strategies.

ASSIST will contribute for the delivery of the final commercial system of this Horizon 2020 project by leading the elaborate testing and debugging of the enhanced software and ensuring certification according to TickIT plus.

ASPIRE Partners

Project consortium is formed by 5 European partners from 3 countries: United Kingdom, Romania and Greece.

ASPIRE Consortium

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