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OR Manager is an application dedicated to hospitals operating rooms management, that focuses on maximizing operational efficiency and number of surgical cases that can be done on a given day and also optimising the related resources to expected workload.

OR Manager was successfully finalized in partnership with Suceava Emergency Hospital. We developed OR Manager as an application aiming to raise efficiency in managing human and material resources of hospital’s operatory rooms, considering the number of patients treated by specialty, cancellations, OR time availability, bed capacity, wait times, wait lists, post-surgical resource constraints.

OR Manager has two main components: a web application used for managing resources – the backend service, and a desktop application used to display the LIVE activity from operatory block – the frontend service. OR Manager is designed to optimise the activity and resources of any operatory block.


  • Ensure surgeons with appropriate access to the operating room schedule
  • Ensure patients to have operations in a timely manner
  • Maximize the efficiency of operating rooms utilization, staff and materials
  • Decrease patient operation delays caused by cancellations or wait times
  • Hospitals can handle more cases without increasing post-surgical resources
  • Enhance satisfaction among patients and staff

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