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  • Custom Software Development


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HealthXL platform intend to transform innovation in healthcare by connecting the most innovative digital health companies with established global leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. HealthXL want to drive innovation by working with senior executives from some of the biggest and most exciting companies in healthcare on the planet including: IBM, Novartis, Janssen, ICON, Silicon Valley Bank, Bupa, Cleveland Clinic, Partners HealthCare, ResMed, Linde Healthcare and EY.

In order to enable an efficient platform for digital health collaboration, ASSIST Team developed the custom application from Drupal CMS, Foundation framework and PHP. One of the main challenges in building the platform was to manage a large amount of companies' data while making sure that the data is easy to filter and personalise based on the user profile. Infrastructure is based on AWS technologies with a high redundancy and performance.

Features of the platform:

  • Identify and engage leading healthcare investors, clinicians, and innovators.
  • Build relationships with digital health innovators during our events for handpicked attendees.
  • Access our 360-degree market overviews with the perspective of all key stakeholders.
  • Business community, exchange of information and ideas
  • File management for projects team
  • Provides connection between company members and advisors
  • View project activity and milestones
  • Gateway between sponsors and companies
  • All stakeholders for a company receive email updates.
  • Interactive chat between members

Benefits provided by ASSIST:

  • Scalable and cost-effective cloud solution
  • Custom platform developed fast and secure
  • Possibility to change and update the content on the platform
  • Intelligent tracking and engagement based on Intercom
Thomas Parsons testimonial on ASSIST Software's services
Thomas Parsons
Health XL

We worked with ASSIST on the redevelopment of our website, as well as our online platform. As a startup, we're constantly adapting our platform as we learn more about our customers needs.

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