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The global challenge to address the unsustainable increase in healthcare spending added to a growing and aging population drives the need to change how healthcare can be delivered.

HealthBeacon is a smart sharps bin that observes patient compliance, identifies patient behavior and subsequently engages the patient to achieve higher medication adherence for patients on home injectable medication.

ASSIST Software's role in the project is to create a platform and ensure the cloud services database and communication.
As well as processing data received daily from the devices, the platform offers the following benefits:

  • Communication between system and device - when the device sends data, the system responds back to the device monitor according to the calculations
  • User management - the platform can be accessed by multiple user types and each has customizable permissions
  • Patient and treatment management - patients can be tracked and ensure that the patient is adherent to their treatment 
  • Injections management - when drop data is received, injections are categorized and verified with image recognition using a Machine Learning service 
  • Reminders - the system sends scheduled emails and SMS messages to patients in order to remind them to take their medication
  • Analysis and reports - the platform aggregates the data offering various filters and the possibility to export the data in multiple formats, such as PDF, PPT or Excel
  • API for Mobile App - API provide access to mobile devices to cloud services and notifications for business metrics
Adrian Burns
Adrian Burns

ASSIST  have done a great job for us in Firmwave and they are really a very experienced software design company covering everything from UI to Cloud backend to data storage to data visualisation and beyond.

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