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  • Analysis
  • Mobile Application Development
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HealthSnap  is an e-Health application created to record short personal video messages on any device and share them via social media or email with your family and friends. They don't have to download the received videos as they can watch them online on any browser on any device.

HealthSnap was built as an easy tool to bring the personal and emotional layers into business interactions, even if partners have never stand face to face with each other. This electronic health application is recommended to people like customers, investors, prospective partners and team members. 


  • HealthSnap makes it very easy to send short video messages.
  • Each healthSnap is maximum 60 seconds long.
  • The HealthSnap website allows tweeting out video messages.
  • Storing & managing healthSnaps can be done from the website.
  • Light analytics can be seen on the website (visualisation number, impressions).
  • Users can access the application on a computer, a smartphone and/or a tablet.
  • Users can pre-record healthSnaps and send them at different times & dates. 


  • Users can attach other files from Dropbox to a healthSnap video.
  • HealthSnap videos can be shared to email addresses from the local contacts.
  • Users can access the application on Android and/or iOS devices.
  • Users can record a public healthSnap signature, a version for their profile page.
  • Scheduling option is available to send healthSnaps at varying times & dates. 
  • Recipients can watch healthSnaps without having to sign-in or download the video.
  • Recipients can send feedback according to their impression on the videos.
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Kieran Daly
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We worked with ASSIST Software in the redevelopment of our Website – with a focus on our Online Store, Security, and SEO functionality. The communication, support and quality of work ASSIST provided throughout the project was second to none.

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