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I am writing to express my most confident recommendation of ASSIST Software as participants in collaborative European research projects.
My organization, Ateknea, has collaborated with ASSIST in European FP7 research project PR 2.0. As Coordinator for the project, Ateknea selected ASSIST based on their broad experience in software development and complex technical solutions.
Once a part of the project, ASSIST has proven their skills as well as their keen ability to find solutions that are in line with the technological requirements of the system we are developing. ASSIST has also been pivotal in helping us find the best ways to enhance the user experience via the application of innovative technologies.
Ateknea would recommend ASSIST without reservation as a partner for your research project. The members of the ASSIST team are trully team players and have proven to be vital partners for our project.

- Jennifer Woodard

Consultant, Business Development, New Technologies at Ateknea Solutions Catalonia


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