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Suceava, Romania




Main activities

  • Research and Development
  • Analysis



HR ASSISTant is a research & development project, awarded within the CENTRIC project - Center for knowledge transfer to enterprises in the ICT field - developed in close collaboration with a research team from the Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava.


The project consists of conducting extensive research on human resources management systems and the subsequent development of several HR software modules with additional features, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Some of the envisaged modules are related to employee profile, performance management, lifelong learning and development and recruitment, so as to meet the needs of a software engineering company. 

The targeted groups are medium and large software companies.


The HR ASSISTant project proposes the following objectives:

  • Designing and implementing HR management modules meant to improve the quality of performance and human resources lifelong learning and development, leading thus to the company's increased capacity to take on and manage more complex software projects.
  • Streamlining the recruiting process translates into higher research and software development competencies.
  • Adapting the HR modules to other types of businesses.


ASSIST Software's role in the project include research and development, UI/UX prototyping, elaboration of software architecture, software development of multiple components, such as frontend, backend, mobile, ML.



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