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L2L Entrepreneurship 4th Newsletter

Mon, 28 Aug 2017

Dear friends, our journey is almost complete. During the last two years the 6 partners of the consortium have been working together to reach the objectives of the L2L project. With this last newsletter we would like to recall the main steps of our work and show what we managed to realize till now and how it can be useful also after the project lifetime.


The whole consortium met in London on 26th and 27th January 2017, hosted by the British partner Employability Town. Apart for management and financial issues, the main focus of this meeting was the revision of the modules activities and innovative contents according to feedback received during the pre-testing phase realized on Module 2.

Then the partners met again on 30th-31st May 2017 in Suceava, hosted by the Romanian partner Assist. This time they took as a starting point the results of the testing activities of the whole training course, already taken by more than 200 people, and they discussed if any revision of activities and contents was needed. Partners were extremely pleased by noticing that the overall rating of the training course was very satisfactory, with comments ranging from "very useful if you want to start a business" to "very interactive and not just words on a page!".

Video testimonials about the training experience are available on the YouTube channel of the project!




During the project lifetime partners have been especially focused on producing an online training course structured to support low skill young people to learn how to become entrepreneurs. We always took in mind that we had to develop a course both rich of useful theoretical contents and engaging, with activities and exercises.

The journey towards the design of the training course included:

  • The definition of the training course structure. All the partners were committed to define the right contents to be included in the course and to build a stand-alone resource that when disseminated across Europe can be used by any individual or organisation in order to foster sustainability of the results;
  • The design of a free, user friendly E-Learning Platform where modules are currently available. Partners have been worked in a cooperative way, supported by the technical partner Assist to produce a highly interactive and innovative course;
  • The production of the video lessons about the course topics, currently available on the platform and also on the project YouTube channel. The consortium has been working together at all the stages of this activity, including the design of guidelines for filming and post production of the materials.

All partners contributed at their best to the design and creation of the L2L training course, which hopefully will help lots of young entrepreneurs to realize their business idea.

The course is available for free here: http://learning2learning.com


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