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Tech Artist - Spine Animator

As a 2D animation artist specializing in Spine, your primary focus is on creating captivating animations using this powerful skeletal animation software. With a deep understanding of Spine's features and functionality, you need to bring characters and objects to life by utilizing its rigging, keyframing, and mesh deformation capabilities.

Location of this job depends on your choice. This job is full-remote or offers a relocation package.



Spine: You should be an expert in using Spine, a leading software for 2D skeletal animation. You should be well verrsed in its core features, including: rigging, animation keyframing, mesh deformation, IK, Events and Triggers, Skin and Attachment Management.

Adobe Photoshop: Utilize Photoshop for character design, texturing, and creating sprite sheets.

Extra credit:

Extra points if you are familiar with the Atlassian Suite and know how to use SourceTree, Jira, Confluence.

Extra Points if you are familiar with the Unity game engine.

Extra points if you know Adobe After Effects: Apply After Effects for post-processing and compositing animations, adding special effects, and creating seamless transitions.


Competitive salary

Relocation package for 2 months (depends on your choice)

Employment documents support regardless of the citizenship status

Technical workshops, courses, books

Certifications upon request

Team events and interesting tech conferences

English classes

Health Care Insurance

Meal tickets

Recreational & gaming room, gym, football, biking club, tennis.

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