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Our Eureka-Eurostars Expertise. Projects and Partnerships

ASSIST Software has vast experience with multiple European projects funded under the Eureka-Eurostars program, so we are ready to participate as a tech partner for Eureka-Eurostars projects in any field.

ASSIST Software is a successful Romanian software development company with extensive experience in the Eureka-Eurostars program and EU-funded projects

ASSIST Software Romania participated as a technical partner in one European Union-funded project under the Eureka-Eurostars Program. The EU-funded Eureka-Eurostars Program had as main purpose to develop a web platform and mobile application for the European food industry

With 27 years of experience in the software industry, ASSIST Software has developed an extensive portfolio of knowledge and expertise in a range of technologies that can be used to respond to ICT needs in various industries.

Over the years, ASSIST Software has participated in 16 EU-funded programs (Eureka-Eurostars, H2020, FP7 and Erasmus+ programs) in various industries (such as ICT, manufacturing, education, business, oil and gas, health, food, etc.), and in doing so, has collaborated with over 100 partners, research centers and institutes, universities, public and private educational institutions, NGOs, SMEs, and leaders in their fields.
Eurostars is a joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of 36 Eurostars Participating States and Partner Countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. EUREKA Eurostars EU-funded programs, which include the BONAFIDE project, support international innovative projects led by research and development- performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs).

Most Recent Eureka-Eurostars Project

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Today, consumers consider several factors, besides cost, when making buying decisions such as origin, production practices and environmental impacts.


Customer / Partner country

Our EU Project Services

  • Custom Software Development Romania icon
    Custom Software Development

    Our team has a wealth of experience in custom software development in EU funded projects, developing a range of software products such as web and mobile applications and working with a large variety of technologies including 3D, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, etc

  • ASSIST Software - Consultancy and Product Design - icon
    Consultancy and Product Design

    ASSIST Software has experience of working with EU funded projects and the capability of taking a valuable idea and turning it into a working product.  This process often involves assisting stakeholders in further expanding and defining their concept by building wireframes, interactive design solutions, system designs, and architecture and creating a detailed technical requirements document.

  • ASSIST Software - testing validation services - icon
    Testing and validation

    We offer a range of QA services for European Union-funded projects including testing and validation of products such as manual testing, automation testing, security testing, unit testing, integration testing, system testing etc.

  • ASSIST Software - Project Management services - icon
    Project Management and Coordination

    We have the required expertise in coordinating, managing and writing proposals for the following types of European Union funding programs:  H2020, EEA, ERASMUS+, FP7, and LLP.

Partner Testimonials
  • I've collaborated with ASSIST in an EU FP7 funded research project and I am writing to both endorse and recommend ASSIST as a partner for such projects. The best measure of success for me is the feedback from the ... (continue reading)
    Alicja GRZEGORZEK testimonial on ASSIST Software's services


    Regional Director

    Ateknea Solutions


  • I am writing to express my most confident recommendation of ASSIST Software as participants in collaborative European research projects. My organization, Ateknea, has collaborated with ASSIST in European FP7 research ... (continue reading)
    Jennifer Woodard testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Jennifer Woodard

    Consultant, Business Development, New Technologies

    Ateknea Solutions


  • I am happy to provide a reference for ASSIST SOFTWARE SRL, a Romanian software development company we have worked with since 2010 as members of the FP7 PR2.0 project consortium. I have interacted with Gheorghe ... (continue reading)
    Johan Plomp testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Johan Plomp

    Senior Researcher and Team Leader



  • During the progress of the EU project PIGWaves, ASSIST Team provided valuable information and recommandation for the good progress of the project. Good synergie and high level of collaboration and support arise. ... (continue reading)
    Slim Soua about Collaboration with ASSIST

    Slim Soua

    Section Manager



Most Recent news on our Eureka-Eurostars Projects

BONAFIDE EUREKA-EUROSTARS Project - Workshop at the University of Suceava, Romania

BONAFIDE EUREKA-EUROSTARS Project – Meeting in the United Kingdom

BONAFIDE EUREKA-EUROSTARS Project – Technical Meeting in the United Kingdom

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