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Reputation management has always been a concern for companies and has traditionally been handled by public relations and communications firms, which monitored mentions of their clients and their respective brands in print and audiovisual media. 


I am happy to provide a reference for ASSIST SOFTWARE SRL, a romanian software development company we have worked with since 2010 as members of the FP7 PR2.0 project consortium. I have interacted with GEORGE DAVID and other ASSIST staff members for almost one year and find them to be agreable partners who take care of their responsibilities in the project with integrity and skill. Since VTT took over the leadership of teh consortium, ASSIST SOFTWARE fulfilled all their obligations with professionalism and just in time.
The ASSIST SOFTWARE SRL team has always been dependable, straightforward and enthusiastic.They displayed excellent expertise in the software development area. I was introduced to some of their projects and admired teh creative and innovative solutions they developed.
I am happy to recommend ASSIST to anyone seeking reliable partners in international projects.

- Johan Plomp

Senior Researcher and Team Leader at VTT


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