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TerraNova Financial Group is a specialized financial services firm focused on supporting trading professionals with active trading, prime brokerage and clearing services. Professional traders, hedge funds and money managers come to Terra Nova because our value is unmatched in the marketplace. In 2009 our technology has to be adapted to comply with the new rules issued by the US Option Clearing Corporation – also known as the Option Symbology Initiative. This was an industry wide effort that required the increase in the number of characters required to represent on Option symbol. The ramifications into our trading and clearing system were very involved.
We decided to look for an external consulting group to help with the software development implementation of this initiative. This is how we got to know and how we started a hopefully longstanding collaboration with ASSIST Software SRL, a professional service provider specialized in software development and project based consulting.
During the last 6 months ASSIST Software SRL provided us with a truly outstanding level of service, delivering in time a high quality product that is fully compliant with the new OCC rules. We would recommend ASSIST Software SRL to any financial services firm because they provided us with a highly professional level of service, making available there extremely competent resources on a very short notice.

- Cris Doloc

Chief Technology Officer at TerraNova Financial Group


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