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From zero to hero. 6 steps that will guide you to a career in testing
 Taia Dimitrova - QA Engineer II
Taia Dimitrova
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Integrating Quality Management System into Software Development Processes
Ionela Lungu
Ionela LUNGU
Software Quality Management System refers to the activities used by companies to manage the delivery of high quality products. It can be realized in various ...
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POSTMAN - HTTP client for testing web services
Andrei Cioban
Andrei Cioban
Postman is a REST client which makes testing of web services very simple and efficient. It has a user friendly interface which is very intuitive and lets ...
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SEO tips after Hummingbird update
Adrian Onu
Adrian ONU
An article published on Assist Software's blog about SEO, PageRank and Google's latest update - Hummingbird. In this article you can learn about good On ...
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