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How Best Innovative Minds 2020 Went
Sorina Ungurean
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Introduction to event sourcing in Ruby on Rails
Cioata Petru
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How to Integrate Cucumber Tests with Rails Event Store
Alexandru Prelipcean - ASSIST Software
Alexandru Prelipcean
This is a short tutorial on how to integrate cucumber tests with Rails Event Store. The gem for Event Store is "rails_event_store", which can be found here and ...
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Best Innovative Minds 2018
 Sebastiana Ciornei - ASSIST Software
Sebastiana Ciornei
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Ruby on Rails CRUD and API tutorial
Sebastian VÎRLAN
We organized this Saturday a Ruby on Rails Workshop, where the main goal was everyone to understand the basic principles of Rails, by developing a simple ...
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How to save data to Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails
Sebastian VÎRLAN
In this tutorial I will show you how to save data in a NoSQL database like Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails framework. To make this example as useful ...
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Awesome Scala
Lucian Neghina
Presentation of some of the most useful Scala libraries and frameworks which help ASSIST Software engineers to develop highly scalable applications that ...
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