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Integrating Quality Management System into Software Development Processes
Ionela Lungu
Ionela LUNGU
Software Quality Management System refers to the activities used by companies to manage the delivery of high quality products. It can be realized in various ...
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Realm Mobile Database Tutorial - How to Build Better Apps, Faster
Realm is a cross-platform mobile database designed specifically for mobile applications. It's lightweight and very simple to integrate in your project. ...
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SCRUM FRAMEWORK - Roles, Activities, and Artifacts
Gheorghe David
Gheorghe DAVID
Scrum is a framework for organizing and managing work. The Scrum framework is based on a set of values, principles, and practices that provide the foundation ...
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Intro to Design Patterns
Marius Bodnariuc Senior Developer
This post is aimed at people who are new to the topic and represents an attempt at dispelling some of the dark clouds hovering around it. Where do Design ...
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