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How Best Innovative Minds 2020 Went
Sorina Ungurean
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How to create a custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda and Serverless framework
 Maria Meheden - ASSIST Software
Maria Meheden
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Realm Mobile Database Tutorial - How to Build Better Apps, Faster
Realm is a cross-platform mobile database designed specifically for mobile applications. It's lightweight and very simple to integrate in your project. ...
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Best Innovative Minds 2018
 Sebastiana Ciornei - ASSIST Software
Sebastiana Ciornei
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How to send information between C++ applications
Alexandru Patraucean - ASSIST Software
Alexandru Pătrăucean
In this snippet, I am going to present you a solution on how to send information between C++ windows applications.
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How to connect an Ethereum node to the web browser
Ovidiu Vorobchevici
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Defining Learning in the context of Artificial Intelligence by Cris Doloc
Cris Doloc PhD
Cris Doloc, PhD
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Tips to become the best player of Hooman Invaders
 Paul Filip gherasim
Paul Filip Gherasim
Tips to become the best player of Hooman Invaders Tower Defense Game. Learn how to use towers in combination with spells and you can be the first one in ...
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SCRUM FRAMEWORK - Roles, Activities, and Artifacts
Gheorghe David
Gheorghe DAVID
Scrum is a framework for organizing and managing work. The Scrum framework is based on a set of values, principles, and practices that provide the foundation ...
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Introduction to Code-golf
Adrian Popovici Software Developer
Adrian Popovici
This article features several examples so anyone with some programming knowledge can grasp the codegolfing concept by doing. The included challenges of ...
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