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A Beginner`s Intro to Vue.js 2.0
Dan-ichim-ASSIST-Software-Senior - Software - Development - Engineer
This article will guide you through the fundamentals of Vue.js, teaching you how to build large-scale Single-Page Applications. Vue.js 2.0 sports excellent ...
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SCRUM FRAMEWORK - Roles, Activities, and Artifacts
Gheorghe David
Gheorghe DAVID
Scrum is a framework for organizing and managing work. The Scrum framework is based on a set of values, principles, and practices that provide the foundation ...
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Ionic Framework Tutorial
Andrei Robu ASSIST Software
Andrei ROBU
Ionic is a free and open source framework, built for creating a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS devices. It uses web components such as HTML, ...
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How to save data to Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails
Sebastian VÎRLAN
In this tutorial I will show you how to save data in a NoSQL database like Amazon DynamoDB using Ruby on Rails framework. To make this example as useful ...
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How to Play at Work - A Play Framework Tutorial
Marius Carp
Marius CARP
How to Play at Work is a tutorial about Play Framework. Play is an open-source modern web framework for writing scalable web applications in Java and ...
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Modern developer tool belt
Andrei Cioban
Andrei Cioban
In today's web development ecosystem where a lot of programing and scripting languages rise from the necessity to simplify, extending or augmenting the ...
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Bootstrap sub-theming in Drupal 7
We all know that nowadays responsive design is a must for every website that we build. If you want to use Drupal for a website you wish to implement, there ...
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Singleton for multithreading in Java
Lucian Neghina
​Everyone knows what is singleton pattern, but how to implement a singleton class in multithreaded environment? Next, I’m going to present best approaches ...
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HTML KickStart - Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production
Eusebiu Schipor
Eusebiu Schipor
HTML KickStart give you a good head start for creating your website. For developers, this starter kit provide pre-stylized and pre-configured functions ...
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JS: The Right Way
Marian Tatarau
A quick reference to best practices for writing JavaScript, gathered from top developers all around the world. It includes links to code patterns and tutorials ...
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