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Awesome Scala
Lucian Neghina
Presentation of some of the most useful Scala libraries and frameworks which help ASSIST Software engineers to develop highly scalable applications that ...
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SQLite Database with OrmLite
Sebastian Macarescu
Storing the state of a product in a shopping list for an Android app (checked, unchecked, quantity, etc) using OrmLite.
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How to analyze SQL queries on a MySQL server with Percona Toolkit
Cristian SPOIALA
If you need to see what queries are performed by a MySQL database you can use New Relic service or use MySQL tools like Percona Toolkit. For general queries ...
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Robomongo - for Mongo databases management
Iuliu Boiculese
Robomongo is a useful GUI tool for the management of MongoDB databases. It can be installed on different platforms like Microsoft, Mac OS X, Linux.
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Open Data and why it is important to you
Ovidiu Nitan
Ovidiu Nitan
The information on the web can be presented in many forms. Websites have different designs, structures and styles. Sometimes the information isn’t too ...
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MongoDB Overview
Cristian SPOIALA
The scale of internet today is huge and what Amazon learned is that performance is an essential and also a very important feature of a website. Mongo ...
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Qualsyst - ISO Management Application
Simion Agavriloaei
Qualsyst is an application that efficiently manages ISO 9001 quality system. It is also useful for managing food ISO 220000 consumer safety,  ISO 27001 information ...
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