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A CSS Guideline Tutorial: BEM with Sass
Victor Jeman
Victor JEMAN
Writing CSS is easy. Writing good and maintainable CSS is hard as hell. I personally love it and one of my professional goals is to find ways of writing ...
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How to create a simple and responsive theme in WordPress
Lucian Cazaciuc
This is a quick tutorial for web developers who want to know how to create a simple and responsive theme in Wordpress.
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Bootstrap sub-theming in Drupal 7
We all know that nowadays responsive design is a must for every website that we build. If you want to use Drupal for a website you wish to implement, there ...
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Minifying Angular modules
Andrei Cioban
Andrei Cioban
In this post we explore one way of keeping the application structured in a logical way, easy to understand and maintain, and serving the application to ...
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