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Android: How to override properties files from jar dependency
Sebastian Macarescu
Often times when writing a library to be used by many clients (servers, mobile apps), the programmer is faced with the following feature: making it configurable ...
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CouchBase vs CouchDB vs MongoDB
Cristian SPOIALA
In my last article I spoke about MongoDB, one of the most popular NoSQL databases so I’ll make a presentation of CouchDB, another great NoSQL database ...
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LRResty category for PATCH support
Ovidiu Nitan
Ovidiu Nitan
LRResty is a simple to use library for Objective-C useful for accessing REST-based APIs. Its development is discontinued now and developers are encouraged ...
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POSTMAN - HTTP client for testing web services
Andrei Cioban
Andrei Cioban
Postman is a REST client which makes testing of web services very simple and efficient. It has a user friendly interface which is very intuitive and lets ...
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Open Data and why it is important to you
Ovidiu Nitan
Ovidiu Nitan
The information on the web can be presented in many forms. Websites have different designs, structures and styles. Sometimes the information isn’t too ...
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OpenStack, the right solution for private cloud
Alin Calinciuc
OpenStack is an open source software for building private and public clouds with large pools of compute, storage and networking resource within a datacenter. Here, ...
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