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How Best Innovative Minds 2020 Went
Sorina Ungurean
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Growing with the Google Developer Nanodegree Scholarship
Beatrice Gaube ASSIST Software
Beatrice Gaube
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Tips to become the best player of Hooman Invaders
 Paul Filip gherasim
Paul Filip Gherasim
Tips to become the best player of Hooman Invaders Tower Defense Game. Learn how to use towers in combination with spells and you can be the first one in ...
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Ionic Framework Tutorial
Andrei Robu ASSIST Software
Andrei ROBU
Ionic is a free and open source framework, built for creating a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS devices. It uses web components such as HTML, ...
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Android: How to override properties files from jar dependency
Sebastian Macarescu
Often times when writing a library to be used by many clients (servers, mobile apps), the programmer is faced with the following feature: making it configurable ...
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SQLite Database with OrmLite
Sebastian Macarescu
Storing the state of a product in a shopping list for an Android app (checked, unchecked, quantity, etc) using OrmLite.
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Android Button: Place Image in center and text at bottom
Lucian Neghina
To align multiple symmetric buttons in Android View, each button having an image in the center and text at bottom, use the following code: 
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