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Game Character Production - Applying Industry Standards across Production Pipeline
 Tudor Moldovan - Art Director - ASSIST Software - Romania
Tudor Moldovan
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Best Innovative Minds 2018
 Sebastiana Ciornei - ASSIST Software
Sebastiana Ciornei
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CGI Production for everyone
Gabriel Tironeac
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Hooman Invaders - Insights From Our Game Development Department
Gabriel Tironeac
So what is Hooman Invaders? We hope that Hooman Invaders will be a success story but foremost is the creation of a dedicated team that wanted to develop ...
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The Blacksmith’s House - A 2D to 3D workflow pipeline
Raluca Versis
In the following presentation Andrei Barba and Raluca Verdis will guide you through the process of creating a game ready asset for the unity game engine ...
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Rotate a Game Object using Unity 3D Gyroscope
Alexandru Boca
Alexandru BOCA
Unity3D is a fully integrated game engine,that can easily satisfy multiple needs into game features, from web handling, special effects, animations, and ...
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Stylized Character Design
Gabriel Tironeac
The first and the most crucial step in creating a character concept is to craft the world behind your character. He needs to have emotion, story and personality, ...
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The Art and the technology behind CG Animations
Barascu Andrei
Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion and shape change by creating a series of static images with minimal changes which the human ...
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Hand Painting 3D Models in Photoshop
Raluca Versis
The texturing process of the 3D models has focused lately in creating photorealistic textures and automating the process. But with this new pipeline a ...
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Jason Silva versus Video games. An artistically scientific shot of awestruck passion.
Andreea Juduc
Andreea JUDUC
Art is universal and it CAN be developed and brought to light traditionally as well as digitally, without altering one another as most of the painters ...
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