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Advantages of using
Ruby on Rails Web Development
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    Dynamic and simplistic
    The Ruby on Rails framework is startup friendly, flexible and well supported and is based on some principles which encourage simplicity in building complex systems: MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, conventions over configurations paradigm and DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself).
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    Built for quick development
    Comparing with other popular web frameworks, Ruby on Rails minimizes the development time by 25-50% due to the object-oriented of Ruby, the MVC structure, the many ready-made plugins, the modular design and the open-source code developed by the Rails community.
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    Code maintenance
    Because of the Conventions over Configurations paradigm it's easy to modify the existing code while adding new features to a Rails application. This is a great advantage for complex systems or even for start-ups or smaller projects.
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    Community and support
    Rails is not a perfect or a single championship of superior ideas where a sole winner must be declared rather than that it’s a composition of ideas and paradigms. There’s a shared experience between the users of the framework and the best solution is chosen.
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    Loved by famous start-ups
    Used by companies like Google and Git, but also used successfuly by start-ups all over the world to test and ship products.
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    Cost effectiveness
    The framework is free to use by an individual or a corporation. It runs on the free open-source Linux and works well with free servers and databases.
What our clients say
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  • “I worked with ASSIST to help with projects for, a startup specializing in big data analysis for revenue and marketing. We wanted to build robust, reliable, and simple to use applications for browser add-ins and for mobile phone OS. ASSIST team was skilled in developing proof of concepts, iterating through detailed design and deliverables. In the course of two years of..."
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    Murali Krishnan

    VP of Technology at Transform Inc.

  • “I was highly impressed by their work. Not only did they really comprehend our ideas, but they also helped us to sharpen our vision of our platform by addressing the right questions. And while being excellent with regards to contents, they also delivered on time, according to the agreements and were overall very reliable. It was a pleasure working with them.”
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    Dr. Katja Weichsel

    Project Manager at PaediPilot

  • “ASSIST have done a great job for us in Firmwave and they are really a very experienced software design company covering everything from UI to Cloud backend to data storage to data visualisation and beyond. I have recommended ASSIST to many other IoT product development companies so far in 2015 and could not speak highly enough of them. A great company!”
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    Adrian Burns


  • “ASSIST has been a highly-valued partner of Sefaira for more than a year. The team developed our corporate website and is also working with us on creating a support infrastructure for our customers. Working with ASSIST Team is a pleasure - they make working remotely very easy for us and it is almost like having them here in the office. I would especially highlight their very positive...”
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    Annette Burgard

    VP of Marketing at Sefaira

Certified Ruby on Rails Developers
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According to Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby language, the Ruby Association, the organization that provides the certifications can be seen as a bridge between the open source community pursuing the latest technologies and enterprise users who desire stability while also avoiding obsolescence.

All colleagues being “Ruby Silver” certified represents another insurance of their skills level and their capabilities of building an application from idea to a final product in a short period of time.

she's looking melancholically at the notebook
Projects built with
Ruby on Rails

Nowadays in many sterilization facilities, processes are not automatized and people are still using Excel files, or even pen and paper to keep track of every medical kit or surgical instrument that goes through washing sterilization and this can obviously be improved.

This is where SterilTrack comes in. SterilTrack is an RFID software solution that aims to help sterilization facilities to better control and monitor the sterilization process. It consists of two major modules:

The first one is a web application that stores all the details about every medical kit or surgical instrument that goes through the washing and sterilization processes. These details include RFID tags, location, process type, timestamps and many others.

The second one is an Android application that runs on smart Alien readers and allows sterilization operators to authenticate into the system and start running the operations, for example, receiving and handing over instruments to medical departments, identifying them, selecting the proper washing or sterilization processes and validating the load.

RBAT (RFID based asset tracking)

The main objective of RBAT project is to track and keep records of assets going through entities that a user is customizing using RFID tags and/or QR codes.

The app consists of two major modules:

The first one is a web application where the admin can customize assets and entities, which will be accessible on any device by authorized users.

The second one is an Android application. Users will use the mobile app to scan the assets and keep track of them.

Our solution is something general which can prove value in a diverse range of industries.

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